Friday, August 6, 2010

Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

Recently I decided to pick up the book, Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert and see what all the fuss is about. Especially with the new movie coming to theaters with one of my favorite actresses, Julia Roberts, I thought I should go ahead and check it out from the library. On one hand I have a friend that LOVED it and on another hand a friend that didn't care for it and couldn't get into it at all. So I decided I needed to make an opinion for myself. In case you are reading this and haven't heard about the book, This is non-fiction story of a woman's healing journey through Italy, India and Indonesia. The book is about 352 pages and to find out what it is about here is what I found off of Amazon:

Gilbert grafts the structure of romantic fiction upon the inquiries of reporting in this sprawling yet methodical travelogue of soul-searching and self-discovery. Plagued with despair after a nasty divorce, the author, in her early 30s, divides a year equally among three dissimilar countries, exploring her competing urges for earthly delights and divine transcendence. First, pleasure: savoring Italy's buffet of delights--the world's best pizza, free-flowing wine and dashing conversation partners--Gilbert consumes la dolce vita as spiritual succor. "I came to Italy pinched and thin," she writes, but soon fills out in waist and soul. Then, prayer and ascetic rigor: seeking communion with the divine at a sacred ashram in India, Gilbert emulates the ways of yogis in grueling hours of meditation, struggling to still her churning mind. Finally, a balancing act in Bali, where Gilbert tries for equipoise "betwixt and between" realms, studies with a merry medicine man and plunges into a charged love affair. Sustaining a chatty, conspiratorial tone, Gilbert fully engages readers in the year's cultural and emotional tapestry--conveying rapture with infectious brio, recalling anguish with touching candor--as she details her exotic tableau with history, anecdote and impression. (end quote)

Well I read the book and have to say that I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed her story, humor and attention to detail for her reader as she traveled through the three countries which I have never been to. And by saying that I liked the book I have to tell you that I do not condone or agree with everything in it. It is one of those things where you just have to agree to disagree and not judge others decisions and just enjoy the story. I like her ability to make fun of herself and the courage that it took for her to do what she did as she tried to put her life back together. I would recommend the book with this warning of keeping an open mind and that just because you read it doesn't mean you have to agree with everything she says, just enjoy the story and admire the tales. There is some cussing and brief intimate sexual detail shared just so you are aware. With all this being said I would definitely read the book again and can't wait for the movie. It will def have to be a girl's night out so I can go see it in theaters. This will not be a book club selection but still wanted you to know about it just the same.

Happy Reading!