Thursday, September 29, 2011

Holiday Break!

Our book club is on holiday break until January 2012. We finished up our Book Club year this month with a meeting at Chickfila! Jody Beth led a great mini study of The Book of Ruth. THANK YOU JODY BETH!!! We had 6 people in attendance. It was a good meeting and it was nice to have the new atmosphere. Please be sure to give me feedback on what you thought of the meeting at Chickfila, Like or Dislike?

I hope you have enjoyed reading along this year. Here is a list of all our book selections for 2011 just in case you missed one and would like to catch up:

January – The Help by Kathryn Stockett
February – The practice of the presence of God by Brother Lawrence
March – Left to Tell by Immaculee Ilibagiza
April – Have a little faith by Mitch Albom
May – Heaven is for real by Todd Burpo
June – Under the overpass by Mike Yankoski
July – Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis
August – What different do it make? by Ron Hall & Denver Moore
September – The Book of Ruth (The Bible)

As many of you know I am in school full time right now and I am extremely busy with school work and that absorbs most all my "extra" reading time right now. Please be sure to share with me good books that you have read or read during this time of break from the club. I'm trying to listen to books on CD to get in my non-school related reading. I will probably need a lot of help and suggestions to really get 2012 off to a great start!

I pray that each one of you has found something good and unexpected from our readings this year and have been blessed in some way by being a part of this club. I pray that each of you have a peaceful and wonderful holiday season. Thank you for your participation, attendance, opinions, suggestions and words of encouragement. I truly appreciate each and every one.

Happy Reading!

With Love,

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

September Book Selection

Our September selection will be something we have never done before.... We are going to read the Book of Ruth from the Bible. And luckily no need for a book order or much introduction unless you need help finding a Bible! :)

With every one's crazy busy schedules (especially mine) and as I had difficulty for September, Jody Beth felt God leading her to lead a mini review/Bible Study on Ruth for our Book Club. We touched on reading about the Book of Ruth back in Lineage of Grace by Francine Rivers you can click on the title to refer back to the Blog to refresh your memory.

And one more surprise.... At our last meeting of the year on Saturday September 17 at 8:30 AM we are going to meet at ChickFila in Foley. We will have our discussion, led by Jody Beth and you can have some coffee or breakfast as well if you so desire. :)

NOTE: We are not meeting on the last Saturday of September because this is Cursillo weekend. And since we don't have to wait on getting The Book of Ruth, our readers shouldn't have any problem meeting a week earlier. :)

Thanks so much for your participation!!! Remember I LOVE book suggestions and am here if you have any questions or need some other book ideas to read when you finish the monthly book. You can also check out the blog and see what other books I read and review as I try to find books for the club and for my own enjoyment. Happy Reading!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mere Christianity

July has passed and we did not have a meeting with everyone having such a busy summer schedule. I haven't heard much feedback on who did or didn't read the book. I know of a couple who couldn't get into it but then others who remarked that they had read the book previously and it has always been a favorite. I wish that when I had first read the book, I wasn't listening to a library copy and could have gone through and marked it up with a highlighter or pencil. There were so many interesting things that Lewis said and the manor of the way he explained things are so simple and real. From an intellectual standpoint, he really opens the door for those who have problems wrapping their minds around Christianity and makes it easier to grasp and understand.

I did have one favorite quote that I remember that I would like to share with you here:

God made us; invented us as a man invents an engine. A car is made to run on gasoline, and it would not run properly on anything else. Now God Designed the Human Machine to run on himself. He himself is the fuel our spirits were designed to burn or the food our spirits were designed to feed on. There is no other. That is why it is just no good asking God to make us happy in our own way without bothering about religion. God cannot give us a happiness and peace apart from himself because it is not there. There is no such thing. (end quote)

I love this statement and I love the truth of it and the way that Lewis makes it so simple when others try to sometimes make it more complicated. My reading time is becoming increasingly "booked" as I attend classes through Troy University but I do hope to one day go back and read this again now that I have my own copy. I still urge you to read it sometime if you haven't. I also would pray you check out some of Lewis's other writings. Happy Reading!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

When Crickets Cry

I finished up the book, When Crickets Cry by Charles Martin. This is a Christian Fiction book and is 352 pages. Here is a description of the book from online:

A man with a painful past. A child with a doubtful future. And a shared journey toward healing for both their hearts. It begins on the shaded town square in a sleepy Southern town. A spirited seven-year-old has a brisk business at her lemonade stand. Her latest customer, a bearded stranger, drains his cup and heads to his car, his mind on a boat he's restoring at a nearby lake. But the little girl's pretty yellow dress can't quite hide the ugly scar on her chest. The stranger understands more about it than he wants to admit. And the beat-up bread truck careening around the corner with its radio blaring is about to change the trajectory of both their lives. Before it's over, they'll both know there are painful reasons why crickets cry...and that miracles lurk around unexpected corners. (end quote)

This book was a slow read but a good one. I know that doesn't sound quite right but I really did enjoy the story and the characters. The author went to great care to be extremely descriptive and make sure the reader knew everything necessary about Heart Transplants which is a huge part of the book. I think one of my favorite things was the outlook of the little girl Annie. She is amazingly brave in the face of having to receive a new heart by transplant and her faith is unshakable. She tells one of the other main characters not to worry because, "Whether or not I wake up...I'll have a new heart." Annie knew what was at stake and trusted God to bring her through it all on this side of heaven or not. I love the eternal optimist.

There are also some other themes to help in forgiveness, healing from the loss of a loved one and how much family matters. While this book will not be a book club selection I do hope that if you choose to read it you enjoy the book and keep going. Just because it's a little slow doesn't mean it's not worth your while. I look forward to maybe reading some other books by this author at some point. Happy reading!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Under the Overpass Recap

Better late than never. I want to write a bit about this book from where I have marked sections that I found interesting. There are three particular ones that I want to bring attention to that God really spoke to me about and helped widen my thinking about the lost and homeless and how we treat them. So many wonderful learning experiences but these are just a few that jumped out at me to write to you about.

1) In Denver, pages 36-39. "If we are the body of Christ-and Christ came not for the healthy but the sick-we need to be fully present in the places where people are most broken." I think that is one of the biggest reminders that many Christian's and non-Christians constantly need to hear. You don't have to wait until your "better" to be good enough to come to Christ. He came to save the sick and the sinners. A page over Mike describes the speakers who come to preach to the homeless. And in a lengthy description he wonders, "Why the speakers so often focused on the "hell, fire and damnation" theme and so little on hope, joy, love, peace, or really anything positive." Mike ponders over why the speakers think that this type of sermon is what is going to help these people who are so down and broken. He uses this example: "Telling someone who is suffering deeply that he's going to suffer more is probably a waste of breath. It's like warning someone who is already starving that they're about to get really hungry. But tell him of the restaurant that serves heaping meals to all who come no matter where they're from or what they look like, and he's more than likely to listen." I have always wondered about those who do preach this theme and if it ever actually works and "scares" people into coming to Christ. I felt like Mike really showed me how wrong that thinking can be and that we could be more effective by loving people to Christ. I know which option I would choose if I didn't already know the Lord...I would be much more willing to listen to the hope than the hell.

2) Now in Portland, pages 96-97. "Sitting there with Sugar man, I felt my carefully established definitions of a Christian crack and expand. Here was an admitted addict and user openly proclaiming Christ in his community and asking how he could serve us." This is the part where Mike is trying to determine what do you do with your definition of a Christian when you encounter someone like this, you end up having to expand your comfort level. He says, "Why do we reject the loving, self-sacrificing, giving, encouraging, Jesus-pursuing drug addict but recruit the clean, self-interested, gossiping, loveless churchgoer? Which one do you suppose Jesus would rather share a burrito with under a bridge?" I don't know about you but that really made me think about the way I judge and treat others.

3)Lastly in San Francisco, pages 134-136. Sam and Mike have just received some left over pizza from a man and are extremely grateful for the leftovers. They discuss how the prayer of thanking God for our food has a whole knew meaning when you are out on the streets. Mike brings up the idea about how we pray for provision but then don't make the effort to get it when God provides it. He made the observation, "What do you think would have happened if the Israelites hadn't gone out and picked up the manna God sent?" "We'd be a lot more hungry if we hadn't asked for that pizza. God answered our prayers for provision, but we still had to ask these guys for it. We still had to 'pick up the manna.'" Then as the conversation continues he said, "It's like asking God to Bless your day, then when He puts a needy, smelly person in front of you that you could really help, you wonder what you did to deserve such rotten luck." It was an interesting conversation about how we ask for things and sometimes God provides just not in the way we anticipated and we still have to receive it... we can't just sit around and do nothing.

At our meeting we talked about so many other wonderful things we learned and the interesting experiences of these men as they lived on the street. If you haven't already, I encourage you to read the book and I pray you are blessed by it and find something unexpected and good! Happy Reading!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

They Thought for Themselves by Sid Roth

A wonderful member of our book club allowed me to borrow this book, They Thought for Themselves by Sid Roth, Ten Amazing Jews. This is 240 pages of true stories by 10 different people who share testimonies of how they came to Christ. Here is a description of the book from online:

What is the connection among these people? How did they end up in the same book? Atheist, Holocaust survivor, multi-millionaire, Media Executive, PhD. They all defied the status quo and thought for themselves. They dared to explore and confront the forbidden. The result? Everything in their lives changes for the better! Author Sid Roth was instructed in a dream to find and interview people who had broken through the mold of their previous experiences to achieve their destiny. These are the people he interviewed. These are their stories and this is your time for your breakthrough! Everyone has a supernatural destiny, but few reach it. Too many want the safe and comfortable life of following the same old roads or fitting in with the same old crowd. How boring! Have you ever wondered if there is something more to life? Have you dared to reach beyond your comfort zone? Only when you dare to think for yourself, will you reach your supernatural destiny. Start today! (end quote)

I love reading personal testimonies like this and seeing the extraordinary changes that God can make in people's lives. And this book is even more interesting since the people giving the testimonies are Jews. According to their religion, they aren't "supposed" to believe in Jesus Christ. The perspective in the book definitely opened my eyes to the culture that I haven't been very exposed to in my life. I loved the personal stories but a few times when the reading gets technical about the Torah and the Jewish traditions, I would get a little lost and it was hard for me to keep interest. But I'm sure to someone who already understands this information and is curious about how these Jews came to believe in Christ on a theological perspective, it can be helpful. At this time, I do not feel that this will be a book club selection but I do encourage others to read it for the incredible testimonies. To God be the Glory! Happy Reading!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Reagan Diaries

My grandmother was the one that referred me to this book when it first came out. My grandfather had worked at the White House during Reagan's presidency. I have signed pictures and other miscellaneous Reagan memorabilia at home. After my grandmother told me about this book, I was intrigued. The Reagan Diaries were written by Ronald Reagan and edited by a historian. President Reagan kept a diary during his time in office and we now are able to get a personal glimpse into his day to day thoughts and personal activities that we may not have given to much thought to before. The book is about 784 pages but I happened to listen to it on CD and would recommend that as well. Here is a description of the book from online:

The diaries our 40th president kept while in office—edited and abridged by historian Brinkley (The Great Deluge)—are largely a straightforward political chronicle. Reagan describes meetings with heads of state and antiabortion leaders, reflects on legislative strategy and worries about leaks to the press. He often used his diary to vigorously defend his polices: for example, after a 1984 visit with South African archbishop Desmond Tutu (whom Reagan calls "naïve"), the president explained why his approach to apartheid—"quiet diplomacy"—was preferable to sanctions. Reagan sometimes seems uncomfortable with dissent, as when he is irked by a high school student who presents a petition advocating a nuclear freeze. And he often sees the media as a "lynch mob," trying to drum up scandal where there is none. Reagan's geniality shines through in his more quotidian comments: he muses regularly about how much he appreciates Nancy, and his complaints about hating Monday mornings make him seem quite like everyone else. Brinkley doesn't weigh down the text with extensive annotation; this makes for smooth reading, but those who don't remember the major political events of the 1980s will want to refer to the glossary of names. Reagan's diaries are revealing, and Brinkley has done historians and the broad public a great service by editing them for publication. (May 22) Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. (end quote)

I do believe in some parts, if I wasn't particularly in the mood to read it, it was hard to get through. I think it gives me a greater appreciation for the man and the life he lead. It's funny how things he talks about back then are still true today. I love how he calls the media the "lynch mob," so true. And I loved so many of his policies that seem like they would work now if anyone would think about history and doing what has worked in the past to help our current economic situation. I also enjoyed the way he would talk about his wife, Nancy. It was very sweet and beautiful in a simplistic way. Well if you like history I think you will enjoy this one, especially if you are a Reagan fan. This will not be a book club selection but I wanted to share it with you anyway. Happy reading!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

When God Winks at You by Squire Rushnell

Earlier this year a good friend let me borrow the book When God Winks at You: How God speaks directly to you through the power of coincidence by Squire Rushnell. This is a non-fiction Christian book with a collection of different stories from people who have received "God-winks." The book is about 240 pages and makes for a quick read. Here is a description of the book from online:

Those extraordinary little events in your life happen for a reason.A coincidence-sometimes a silly little thing-changes the course of your day . . .or even your life. Is it chance, or is God communicating with you?

When God Winks at You is packed with true stories demonstrating that God does communicate with us, making incredible things happen in our lives every single day. As you read the riveting accounts of everyday and famous people-including Tim Conway, Rudolph Giuliani, Billy Graham, and Don Knotts-you will begin to recognize the Godwinks in your own life, both past and present. Through these tangible signposts from God, we receive personalized messages that reassure us, stop us from worrying, chart our path in life, and help us keep the faith.

When God winks, He is reaffirming that there is absolutely nothing about us that He does not know-our every hurt, our every desire.And that to me is very comforting. -Squire Rushnell (end quote)

I loved reading all these stories and it caused me to reflect on some Godwinks of my own that I might have had without recognizing it at the time. I know I have heard others stories before but didn't really have a name to put on it. I am undecided yet as to whether or not this will be a book club selection but I do recommend it. I love being reminded how much God is here for us in all things, big and small. Happy Reading!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mistaken Identity

I'm trying to play catch up on books I have been reading outside of the book club. A little while back I read the book Mistaken Identity: Two Families, One Survivor, Unwavering Hope by Don & Susie Van Ryn and Newell, Colleen & Whitney Cerak. This is a Christian non-fiction real life story about two families and their worlds colliding. Here is a brief bit about the book from online:

Five lives were lost in a tragic accident involving a Taylor University van, and one young woman, severely injured and comatose, was rushed to the hospital. Families, faculty, students, and communities grieved their losses and joined in prayer and hope as the one young woman, Laura Van Ryn, fought for her life in a hospital bed. The national news spread the story, and people everywhere shared the grief and the hope. Five weeks passed for the Cerak family. Believing they had buried their daughter, the Ceraks clung to their faith and worshipped God through their tears, learning to look forward with hope to an eternal reunion with their lovely daughter Whitney. They spent weeks in mourning and grief, slowly moving toward healing. Five weeks passed for the Van Ryns. Keeping a constant bedside vigil over their precious daughter Laura, they sat and prayed and hoped. They rejoiced at each tiny advance toward recovery. They celebrated each sign of Laura's healing. And then the shock! "Okay, Laura, I would like you to write your name for me," the occupational therapist said. W-H-I-T-N-E-Y. An event that could be seen as pure tragedy becomes a celebration of life's unfathomable gifts and mysteries. (end quote)

This book is about 288 page long and goes back and forth with the story from the point of view of the two families. The book also includes pictures and a message from Whitney. It is truly amazing how these families handled this bizarre mix up and truly only their faith in God could have pulled them through it all. I felt that the book was a bit difficult and awkward to get through at times even though the story was quite miraculous. I haven't felt like it will be a book club selection but do urge you to read and take note from the extraordinary faith of these two families. I believe anyone who may also be grieving the loss of a loved one may find help in healing in reading how these two families handled their confusion and grief.

Happy reading!

Monday, July 25, 2011

August Book Club Selection

Our August selection will be What difference do it Make? by Ron Hall and Denver Moore with Lynn Vincent. This is a Christian non-fiction book and has about 224 pages. Here is a description from online:

The more than four hundred thousand readers stirred by the story of Ron Hall and Denver Moore will resonate with the all new, stand-alone true stories of hope and healing offered in this intimate, authentic follow-up to the New York Times bestseller Same Kind of Different as Me. With new "Denverisms" and reflections from Denver on his personal dealings with homelessness and disrespect from others, additional insights from Ron on what we can learn from people unlike us and from those dealing with a terminal illness, and the stories of readers who have been impacted by the book's central themes, this inspirational reader will generate a host of new fans.(End quote)

If you will remember we read Same Kind of Different as me, back in March 2009. The first book was a huge hit with our group and I feel that this follow up will be as well. I especially felt like it was a good follow up book to read after our discussion on Under the Overpass back in June. It truly is amazing the difference one person can make in the life of someone else. I can't wait for you to read it and gain even more "Denverisms."

Our August meeting will be Saturday August 27 at 8:30am-10:00am in Swift's new building. Thanks so much for your participation!!!

Remember I LOVE book suggestions and am here if you have any questions or need some other book ideas to read when you finish the monthly book. You can also check out the blog and see what other books I read and review as I try to find books for the club and for my own enjoyment.

Happy Reading!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Amazed Clay by Wendy McMillan

I recently finished up a book that I had on loan from a friend for a long time. It was a bit of a difficult read depending on where you are in life at the moment so I kinda had to read it in pieces. Some days I was able to get through it faster than others. The book is Amazed Clay by Wendy McMillan. It is a Christian Non-fiction and tells about her journey in faith. I really enjoyed all the similarities between the potter and the clay. Because of her being a potter herself she is really able to go into details that you wouldn't get from verses in the bible that mention how He molds us. It was very interesting. The book is 139 pages and the author is a local of Baldwin County. Here is a description of the book from online:

Is life so busy that it's flying by and you wonder if you're missing something? Do you wonder what life is really all about? Maybe you just need a little relief from a crazy schedule. Wendy McMillan reveals how she too has lived amongst the screaming distractions of a very busy life and was horrified to find she nearly missed it.

Find real peace, security, understanding, love that never fails, joy, protection, and hope in Amazed Clay. Through the pages of this book, Wendy reveals how she found the treasure of life and offers you her 'treasure map' to the same amazing adventure. Should you accept to go on this journey, your life will never be the same after reading Amazed Clay.

Learn how to have peace of mind when anxiety and worry scream for attention, find joy though the troubling circumstances may not change, and finally understand the purpose of your specific life.

Wendy Langley McMillan is a weekend potter and currently resides in Robertsdale, Alabama, with her husband. She loves to help others be molded by the Master into thriving vessels. (end quote)

I have a few favorite passages that I want to quote and share with you. On page 86, the author is talking about how many of us live in a virtual reality, “We try to fit Him into our lives (schedules) instead of living ours for Him.” Wow. is that not true or what? So often times we go to church and do what we think is right as the author talks about but we only “fit” God time in. On page 88 she says, "He's (the enemy) dropping bread crumbs of busy schedules, service at church, nice homes, good deeds for others, and whatever else he can think of to possibly convince you all is okay while he lures you into dangerous territory." These are not always bad things but when we are too busy "doing things" and miss out on truly getting to know our Father and the role he has for the Holy Spirit in our lives we are missing out. I pray that I can get better at this myself and live my life more for Him than for my schedule.

The author continues on page 99-100 talking about this virtual reality we have made for ourselves and our relationship with God. She talks about a lesson she learned from another Bible Study and it was called, “The Captivity of Activity.” She said the lesson had two main points that were significant for her and I marked this as well. Point 1:“If the enemy cannot tempt us with destruction, he will settle for distraction.” Point 2: “Every day I’ve got a new choice, a choice to get up and in prayer give my anxiety-driven cares (distractions) completely over into his tender care then, trust that my God always protects and fights for what is always best for me.” She says again, “If the devil can’t tempt us with outright destruction, he’ll settle for distraction. The end result is the same.” Whoa. That really spoke to me. I think about all the times I do get distracted and loose sight of God and his plan for me in the sometimes messy day to day activities. I pray that I can become more aware of the tricks and traps that the enemy uses without me even noticing. I pray the same prayer for those of you reading this.

This will not make it on our book club selections but I would recommend the read if after you read the author’s description you feel a tug on your heart to read it. Happy Reading!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July Selection

A real quick June update, We had 4 people at our June meeting with great fellowship and conversation. Thank you to those who were able to attend and I hope that if you didn't make it, you get to join us another time! :)

Our July selection will be Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis. This is a Christian non-fiction book and has about 227 pages. Here is a description from online:

"Lewis seeks in Mere Christianity to help us see religion with fresh eyes, as a radical faith whose adherents might be likened to an underground group gathering in a war zone, a place where evil seems to have the upper hand, to hear messages of hope from the other side" (from the foreword). One of the most popular and beloved introductions to Christian faith ever written, Mere Christianity has sold millions of copies worldwide and its popularity continues to grow. The book brings together Lewis's legendary broadcast talks of the war years, talks in which he set out simply to "explain and defend the belief that has been common to nearly all Christians at all times. (end quote)

This is a book that has been on my reading list forever (with most all C.S. Lewis books) and I take one off here and there. Finally one day I got it from the library to listen to on CD and have to say I really learned a lot and gained a broader perspective on Christianity and am even more thankful that I believe. This book is filled with so many bits of wisdom and wonderful quotes that I can't wait to get my hard copy and a good highlighter.

BUT I have a confession. I didn't want to pick this book for book club. I loved it but knew at times it can be difficult to keep moving forward and just didn't know if you would enjoy it. I told God over the past couple of weeks with time ticking by towards July, that we needed to come up with something different and He kept bringing me back to this one. But I came around to see things his way (which is often how it happens isn't it?) and finally decided yesterday that this is the pick for July. (I even had the e-mail ready to go on a totally different book) I told God that I was going to do what he was telling me and that some in the club may not like the book but that it was OK and that I knew He had someone in mind that needed to read it. So here it is, a bit heavy at times and a push to get thru at points but I think you will be happy that you did read this classic. And I also understand if you skip this month too. :)

Kathy will let you know about a book order if needed for anyone. The library also has copies and there are several different covers available because of the age of this book so don't be surprised if it doesn't look like the one I attached to the e-mail. Our July meeting will be Saturday July 30 at 8:30am-10:00am in Swift's new building. Thanks so much for your participation!!!

Remember I LOVE book suggestions and am here if you have any questions or need some other book ideas to read when you finish the monthly book. You can also check out the blog and see what other books I read and review as I try to find books for the club and for my own enjoyment. Happy Reading!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Love at Last Sight by Kerry and Chris Snook

I just finished reading Love at Last Sight by Kerry and Chris Shook. This book is excellent and far exceeded my expectations. The book features 30 chapters of quick devotions that are made to help you strengthen the relationships in your life. All different kinds of relationships are addressed so that you can create better more fulfilling relationships with others as well as growing closer to God. The authors use excellent stories and lots of scripture to back up the lessons they are teaching. At the end of each chapter the book features a Love at Last Sight challenge with questions that challenge where you stand in your relationships. This book is one you can read and refer back to time and time again.

At the age of 23, my mom passed away unexpectedly at only 53 years old. Ever since this happened and after growing more in my faith I have been striving to become more of a “Love at Last Sight” person. I never like to leave the house or get off a phone call with any bad feelings going on. I always like everything clear and to be sure that others know how much I love and appreciate them. I don’t always practice this perfect, obviously… but reading this book really helped re-energize me to be better at living like today is your last. I feel like the authors did an amazing job of using scriptures to teach us how God wants us to live our relationships with him as well as others. The stories the authors told were relatable. This is a book I will recommend to others and will continue to refer back to many times for the wealth of wisdom inside. I am so thankful that it was one I chose to review. I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Final Summit by Andy Andrews

Recently I read the book, The Final Summit, by Andy Andrews. This is a work of fiction about a man named David Ponder and his journey to help save the world. David Ponder is a character we met in a previous work of the authors in which he gained extraordinary amounts of wisdom from famous historical people. In this new book, David meets and works with several of these people such as Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill and Joan of Arc, just to name a few. Here in The Final Summit, David is forced to put wisdom to good use as he and several others try to solve what two words will help save the world and get us all back on the right path.

I came into this book having previously read the novel, The Traveler’s gift, where we first meet David Ponder. Having that previous knowledge is not necessary to read The Final Summit but it is helpful. This book followed a pretty simple pattern as the setting and time were all in the same place throughout most of the entire book. Each chapter went thru a repeating cycle of motions as David and the others try to figure out the answer to the two words that can save the world. I did enjoy the conversation between the characters and enjoyed learning pieces of history along the way. I think this is a great book for history lovers since the main character is getting to converse with so many of the amazing people we read and learn about in school. Although repetitious at times, the author did succeed in making me anxious to find out the two words and along the way I was able to gain a wealth of advice and wisdom about life lessons. I felt that the message is encouraging but felt the book still lacked a “wow” factor. It is in fact a powerful positive message that could help a lot of people if they would listen. I would recommend the book to others because the wisdom found here is too good to pass up.

I received this book free from the publisher through the BookSneeze®.com book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

June Book Club Selection

Our June selection will be Under the Overpass by Michael Yankowski. This is a non-fiction story and has about 256 pages. Here is a description from the the author's website:

After meals from garbage cans and dumpsters, night after night Mike and Sam found their beds under bridges and on the streets. They were forced to depend on the generosity and kindness of strangers as they panhandled to sustain their existence. For more than five months, the pair experienced firsthand the extreme pains of hunger, the constant uncertainty and danger of living on the streets, exhaustion, depression, and social rejection—and all of this by their own choice. This is their story. Through Mike’s firsthand account, Under the Overpass provides important insight into the truths of the street and calls the younger generation of believers to take great risks of faith to bring Christ’s love to the neediest corners of the world.(end quote)

For quite some time I kept hearing about this book online and had it on my list for awhile. Finally one day I got it from the library, read it and have to say I really learned a lot because of the experiment of these two men. I hope you enjoy it as well.

Our June meeting will be Saturday June 25 at 8:30am-10:00am in Swift's new building.

Thanks so much for your participation!!! Remember I LOVE book suggestions and am here if you have any questions or need some other book ideas to read when you finish the monthly book. You can also check out the blog and see what other books I read and review as I try to find books for the club and for my own enjoyment.

Reminder the May Meeting for Heaven is for Real is THIS Saturday the 21st at 8:30-10:00AM. We are meeting early do to the Holiday weekend! Be sure to RSVP!

Happy Reading!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

April Meeting Recap

Another month wrapped up this past Saturday. We discussed the book, Have a little Faith by Mitch Albom. We had 4 people in attendance. For two people, it was the first meeting of this year they have been able to attend. Don’t ever think it’s too late, show up when you can. We had some great discussion and really marveled at all the wisdom found in this book especially from “The old gray Rabbi.” Here is the link to the discussion questions in case you would like to read them. We all really liked the sermons the Reb shared with Mitch. But in a sermon by Henry, I want to share this great description of Jesus that I had never heard before. “I call him the greatest recycler I know!...Jesus…he lifts me up. He rearranges me. He repositions me. By Myself, I’m no good – But he makes all the difference.” (p. 136) Amen.

I am so glad that so many of you enjoyed the wisdom and testimony of the lives of these men. If you haven’t already, I would love for you to share your opinions of the book. If you enjoyed this book I also encourage you to listen to it on CD. You can get it from the local library. The author reads the book himself and it is a lovely thing to listen to him and hear his admiration for these men. If you still haven't read the book you can always borrow it from someone or check it out from the library. Remember our May meeting for Heaven is For Real will be Saturday May 21st. The meeting date is moved up because of the holiday. Stay tuned for the June book. Remember to send me your recommendations! Thanks for reading along.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

May Book Club Selection

Our May selection will be Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent. (You may remember Lynn Vincent from her assistance on the book we read, Same Kind of different as me.) This is a non-fiction story and has about 192 pages. Here is a description from the the author's website:

A young boy emerges from life-saving surgery with remarkable stories of his visit to heaven. Heaven Is for Real is the true story of the four-year old son of a small town Nebraska pastor who during emergency surgery slips from consciousness and enters heaven. He survives and begins talking about being able to look down and see the doctor operating and his dad praying in the waiting room. The family didn't know what to believe but soon the evidence was clear.
Colton said he met his miscarried sister, whom no one had told him about, and his great grandfather who died 30 years before Colton was born, then shared impossible-to-know details about each. He describes the horse that only Jesus could ride, about how "reaaally big" God and his chair are, and how the Holy Spirit "shoots down power" from heaven to help us.
Told by the father, but often in Colton's own words, the disarmingly simple message is heaven is a real place, Jesus really loves children, and be ready, there is a coming last battle. (end quote)

After an overwhelming amount of friends and family recommended this book to me, I knew I had to read it. Luckily a good friend surprised me with a copy to borrow and I enjoyed it immediately and knew it would be our next book.

Kathy will let you know about a book order if needed for anyone. Our May meeting will be Saturday May 21 at 8:30am-10:00am in Swift's new building.

Thanks so much for your participation!!! Remember I LOVE book suggestions and am here if you have any questions or need some other book ideas to read when you finish the monthly book. You can also check out the blog and see what other books I read and review as I try to find books for the club and for my own enjoyment.

Reminder the April Meeting for Have a Little Faith is Saturday the 30th at 8:30-10:00AM.

Happy Reading!

Monday, March 28, 2011

March Meeting Recap

This past weekend we had our March Meeting where we discussed the book, Left to Tell by Immaculee Ilibagiza. We had 5 attendees and had a great discussion about the amazing work God has done in the life of the author. I found a great discussion guide online and wanted to share in case you wanted a few questions to ponder about what you learned from this story and what you will take away.

There is a second book by Immaculee called Led by Faith which continues her story as she rebuilds her life after the genocide. You can read more about this book here on the blog. My copy is currently in the works of being passed around. If you would like to borrow it just let me know and I can pass it on to you eventually. If you still have not read this months selection I urge you to borrow someones copy or get a copy from the library as it is quite an inspiring and amazing story of God's work and presence during this tragic time.

I hope you all are looking forward to our April Selection, Have a Little Faith by Mitch Albom. I pray you have a great month! Let me know if you are reading any goodies! Happy reading!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

April Book Club Selection

Our April selection will be Have a Little Faith by Mitch Albom. We have read selections form this author in the past. This is a non-fiction story about two religious men with completely different backgrounds. I first told you about this book on the Blog back in Feb 2010 but have been waiting for it to come available in paperback. It only has 272 pages. Here is a description from the the author's website:

Albom’s first nonfiction book since Tuesdays with Morrie, Have a little Faith begins with an unusual request: an 82-year-old rabbi from Albom’s old hometown asks him to deliver his eulogy.

Feeling unworthy, Albom insists on understanding the man better, which throws him back into a world of faith he’d left years ago. Meanwhile, closer to his current home, Albom becomes involved with a Detroit pastor – a reformed drug dealer and convict – who preaches to the poor and homeless in a decaying church with a hole in its roof.

Moving between their worlds, Christian and Jewish, African-American and white, impoverished and well-to-do, Mitch observes how these very different men employ faith similarly in fighting for survival: the older, suburban rabbi, embracing it as death approaches; the younger, inner-city pastor relying on it to keep himself and his church afloat.

As America struggles with hard times and people turn more to their beliefs, Mitch and the two men of God explore issues that perplex modern man: how to endure when difficult things happen; what heaven is; intermarriage; forgiveness; doubting God; and the importance of faith in trying times. Although the texts, prayers and histories are different, Albom begins to realize a striking unity between the two worlds - and indeed, between beliefs everywhere.

In the end, as the rabbi nears death and a harsh winter threatens the pastor’s wobbly church, Albom sadly fulfills the last request and writes the eulogy. And he finally understands what both men had been teaching all along: the profound comfort of believing in something bigger than yourself.

Have a Little Faith is a book about a life’s purpose; about losing belief and finding it again; about the divine spark inside us all. It is one man’s journey, but it is everyone’s story." (end quote)

I listened to this book on CD as well and would recommend it that way too. Albom isn't pushy on either religion but just tells these two different yet inspirational and interesting stories.

Kathy will let you know about a book order if needed for anyone. Our April meeting will be Saturday April 30th at 8:30am-10:00am in Swift's new building. Thanks so much for your participation!!! Remember I LOVE book suggestions and am here if you have any questions or need some other book ideas to read when you finish the monthly book. You can also check out the blog and see what other books I read and review as I try to find books for the club and for my own enjoyment.

**Reminder the March Meeting for Left to Tell is this upcoming Saturday the 26th at 8:30-10:00AM. Please RSVP.. Please let me know if you can come.

Happy Reading!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Practicing the Presence OF GOD

This past month when we had our meeting to discuss the February Book, The practice of the presence of God by Brother Lawrence, I did not have any set discussion questions. Instead I pulled some from a great resource that I found online that helps you to go deeper into what Brother Lawrence is teaching us in the book. You can find this great free study online by clicking here.

The women I talked to in our group enjoyed this book and found the words of wisdom very helpful in every day lives. Some admitted to having difficulty reading it at first but then later would pick it back up and it was like reading a whole different book. Sometimes this happens and certain books just don't appeal to us when we are in different seasons of our lives or even in certain moods. I know that this book shouldn't be just pushed on the shelf only to end up in the yard sale box a couple years later. But this book should be kept along side your devotionals and bible.

I have found that since I have read this book my life has taken a turn to be even busier which no doubt is God checking to see if I learned anything from Brother Lawrence....? I have found myself determined not to lead such a busy life and I am beginning to organize and prioritize my time. I don't want to look back years from now and wonder where the time went and regret things I missed out on with family and friends. I also find myself praying to God more often and thanking him before I am about to do a task as well as afterwards thank him for the opportunity and the blessing just as Brother Lawrence mentions he would do.

I hope that you have found things that you can take away from this book and that you remember to go back to it often if you find your life taking a busy turn. I thank God for Brother Lawrence and that we could share in his wisdom. Happy Reading!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

March Book Club Selection

Our January Meeting for the help had 4 attendees and we had great conversation! It was so intersting to hear perspectives from women at the meeting who lived in the 60's. Everyone seemed to enjoy The Help and look forward to the movie coming out later this fall.

Our March selection will be Left to Tell by Immaculee Ilibagiza. This book is Inspirational non-fiction. It is 215 pages with pictures inside to help you see and understand about her family. Here is a description from the back of the book:

Immaculee Ilibagiza grew up in a country she loved, surrounded by a family she cherished. But in 1994 her idyllic world was ripped apart as Rwanda descended into a bloody genocide. Her family was brutally murdered during a killing spree that lasted three months and claimed the lives of nearly a million Rwandans. Miraculously, Immaculee survived the slaughter. For 91 days, she and seven other women huddled silently together in the cramped bathroom of a local pastor's home while hundreds of machete-wielding killers hunted for them. It was during those endless hours of unspeakable terror that Immaculee discovered the power of prayer, eventually shedding her fear of death and forging a profound and lasting relationship with God. She emerged from her bathroom hideout having truly discovered the meaning of unconditional love-a love so strong that she was able to seek out and forgive her family's killers. The triumphant story of this remarkable woman's journey through the darkness of genocide will inspire anyone whose life has been touched by fear, suffering and loss. (end quote)

If interested you can check out other information about the book and author on her website here. There is also a really good 60 minutes interview on there. I really enjoyed reading about her story. This was one of those books that is really hard to put down and you feel like you have to keep reading constantly. But WARNING, this book contains content that describes tragedies associated with the Rwandan Holocaust which was a bloody and horrific genocide. I think you can compare this book to being similar to The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom to get a grasp on what kind of story we are about to read.

Kathy will let you know about a book order if needed for anyone. This book is available at local libraries. Our March meeting will be Saturday March 26th at 8:30am-10:00am in Swift's new building. Thanks so much for your participation!!! Remember I LOVE book suggestions and am here if you have any questions or need some other book ideas to read when you finish the monthly book. You can also check out the blog and see what other books I read and review as I try to find books for the club and for my own enjoyment.

*********Reminder the February Meeting for Practicing the presence of God is this upcoming Saturday the 26th at 8:30-10:00AM. Please RSVP. ***********

Happy Reading!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Led by Faith by Immaculee Ilibagiza

I finally finished up the 2nd book in the story of Immaculee Ilibagiza. I told you about the first book back here, called Left to Tell. Even though it took me forever to get through this book it wasn't because of the book itself. Really it was me and my inability to sit and read for so long and I had so many other things being thrown at me. Well when I did get to finishing it I really enjoyed it. She is such an amazing and inspiring woman. Her true story of surviving the Rwandan genocide gives God all the glory. Here is a description of the book from Amazon:

For three months in the spring of 1994, the African nation of Rwanda descended into one of the most vicious and bloody genocides the world has ever seen. Immaculée Ilibagiza, a young university student, miraculously survived the savage killing spree that left most of her family, friends, and a million of her fellow citizens dead. Immaculée’s remarkable story of survival was documented in her first book, Left to Tell: Discovering God Amidst the Rwandan Holocaust.
In Led By Faith, Immaculée takes us with her as her remarkable journey continues. Through her simple and eloquent voice, we experience her hardships and heartache as she struggles to survive and to find meaning and purpose in the aftermath of the holocaust. It is the story of a naïve and vulnerable young woman, orphaned and alone, navigating through a bleak and dangerously hostile world with only an abiding faith in God to guide and protect her. Immaculée fends off sinister new predators, seeks out and comforts scores of children orphaned by the genocide, and searches for love and companionship in a land where hatred still flourishes. Then, fearing again for her safety as Rwanda’s war-crime trials begin, Immaculée flees to America to begin a new chapter of her life as a refugee and immigrant—a stranger in a strange land. With the same courage and faith in God that led her through the darkness of genocide, Immaculée discovers a new life that was beyond her wildest dreams as a small girl in a tiny village in one of Africa’s poorest countries. It is in the United States, her adopted country, where Immaculée can finally look back at all that has happened to her and truly understand why God spared her life . . . so that she would be left to tell her story to the world. (End quote)

This book is 275 pages long and has pictures of hers inside to show you who, where and what she is talking about in the book. I'm not sure if her first or second book would be better for the book club so I suppose we will go with the first one month and others can decide for themselves to continue reading or not. I would recommend this book with the warning that you are reading about a genocide so this book isn't all rainbows and butterflies. Stay tuned this year for our book club selection from Immaculee. Also check out her site here to see more information and an interview she did for 60 minutes. You will be inspired! Happy reading!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Plain Perfect by Beth Wiseman

This is a christian fiction book that I read after a good friend of mine picked it up as a gift for me. It's called Plain Perfect by Beth Wiseman and seems to be the beginning of a series. Here is what the author's site tells you about the book:

A search for peace in Amish country proves anything but simple for a woman on the run from life…and herself.On the rolling plains of Lancaster County, PA., Lillian Miller is searching for her grandparents’ house…and so much more. After years of neglect and abuse, she’s turning to a lifestyle of simplicity among the Amish to find herself.As she discards the distractions of her former life, she befriends the young boy working on her family’s farm and his attractive widowed father, Samuel Stoltzfus. Despite Lillian’s best efforts to the contrary, her feelings for Samuel–and his for her–deepen. Will Lillian find her faith in Plain living, or will she be forced to return to her former life? Content verified by Amish reader. (end quote)

This book is 320 pages and could be difficult to get into in the beginning. I had difficulty understanding the Amish words so I was frequently having to flip back and forth to find out what the words mean. Midways through the book this got easier as I got used to the words. It is a sad and sweet story about a family reconciled to each other and God. I enjoyed it but it will not be a book club pick. And I do not plan to read any more in this series. If the Amish theme interests you, I would recommend this one since we are told that the author tried to make sure she had her details accurate. Happy reading!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Help Meeting

A week ago we had our book club meeting for The Help. SO far I haven't come across anyone who didn't like it in our little group of readers. Everyone I talked to has enjoyed the book and looks forward to seeing what they do with the movie later this year. We had a great discussion about the times and what things really were like back in the 60's in the South. It was interesting as we had woman at the meeting who remembered that time period and lived in different parts of the country so they had a different perspective of the news. It was encouraging to find out from some that they felt the author stayed very true life for this period. It's always interesting to find out that one of our reader's had really lived life like what the author was describing. I don't know why but I am such a lover for older and wiser people's stories and life experiences.

Our group used the reading group guide found on the books website for some jumping off points of discussion. You can find it on the author's site here. One of the questions that the book definitely leaves you wondering about is the last one on the list, "What did you think about Minny's pie for Miss Hilly? Would you have gone as far as Minny did for revenge?" Our group discussed and wondered whether she actually did the "terrible awful" or did she just say she did which equally did the trick to Miss Hilly. I guess we will just wonder.

This is a book that I would read again and I recommend listening to it on CD as well. The actresses that perform the reading are great and at least one or two of them is in the movie as well. This was the author's first book and I hope she doesn't stop here. I personally would like to see more from Kathryn Stockett. Happy Reading!

Monday, January 24, 2011

February Book Club Selection

Our February selection will be The practice of the presence OF GOD by brother Lawrence. This book is Inspirational and has been voted one of the top 10 books for Christians to read. It only has 96 pages but by no means should be taken as a quick read. Here is a description from the back of the book:

Brother Lawrence was a man of humble beginnings who discovered the greatest secret of living in the Kingdom of God here on earth. It is the art of "practicing the presence of God in one single act that does not end." He often stated that it is God who paints Himself in the depths of our soul. We must merely open our hearts to receive Him and His loving presence, where ever we are, be it in a bustling kitchen or on our knees in prayer. A classic in Christian literature. This edition is abridged and updated, while keeping the essence of the message intact. It contains 4 parts: Conversations, Letters, Spiritual Maxims, and The Life of Brother Lawrence. For nearly 300 years this unparalleled classic has given both blessing and instruction to those who can be content with nothing less than knowing God in all His majesty and feeling His loving presence throughout each simple day. (End quote)

If interested you can check out other extensive descriptions and reviews of the book here at Amazon. Jody Beth let me borrow this book to read and after reading I decided it deserves selection status. Even though it's small I think it's worth taking a look at by everyone. I always like to do a book like this at the start of the new year and this one has lots of great wisdom for today from a man who lived over 300 years ago. Please don't rush through it but take time to absorb the advice he gives.

Our February meeting will be Saturday February 26th at 8:30am-10:00am in Swift's new building. Thanks so much for your participation!!! Remember I LOVE book suggestions and am here if you have any questions or need some other book ideas to read when you finish the monthly book. You can also check out the blog and see what other books I read and review as I try to find books for the club and for my own enjoyment.

***Reminder the January Meeting for The Help is this upcoming Saturday the 29th at 8:30-10:00AM. ***

Happy Reading!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It's Better to Build Boys than Mend Men by S. Truett Cathy

Recently I read a book by S. Truett Cathy, the founder of Chick-Fil-A. I myself have a son and I am always on the lookout for good christian perspective books on raising children. This is a quick read at only 111 pages but offered some wisdom that I hope I don't forget for a while. It was also interesting learning about Mr. Cathy's work with foster children and young boys. I commend him for the work that he has done and continues to do and reach out to others. And yes it makes me love Chick-fil-a even more. :) Here is a description of the book I found online:

Children have plenty of buddies. In an age when kids all around us are growing up without strong, positive guidance from their parents (who are busy, distracted, gone, or choose to be buddies instead of parents) children need someone they can look to with respect to help them build their lives. When he was thirteen years old, Truett Cathy, founder of Chick-fil-A, had such a man step into his life: a Sunday school teacher who modeled love, respect, hard work, and discipline. Cathy decided to follow that model, and today he has some 130 foster grandchildren, many of whom have broken their family’s generational cycle of neglect through the encouragement of Cathy and other adults who reached out to them. In It’s Better to Build Boys Than Mend Men, Truett Cathy lays out a simple model for adults desiring to reach out to youth and challenges readers to allow God to work through them to change the life of a child. His book is filled with stories illustrating the principles of discipline, trust, reputation, generosity, common sense, peer pressure, and family stability. Readers who follow their hearts into children’s lives will find that their own lives are enriched as well. (End quote)

I enjoyed reading this book and the advice is not for those with boys alone. The advice can be applied to girls as well. I especially liked his take on teenagers and cars .....but you will have to read the book to get the full story. Let's just say after sharing Mr. Cathy's method with my husband, we both agreed at what a wonderful idea. Hopefully we can hold on to it for when our children are sixteen! This is by no means a selection for our book club but since I'm sharing with you what other books I read, this one is by no means exempt. I would recommend this book if you are a parent, grandparent, mentor to children, etc. Mr. Cathy has a realistic and caring approach to children that I hope you enjoy reading as well. Happy Reading!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Courting Trouble

If you notice the difference in the blog, I decided that we had the previous background up long enough and wanted a change for the new year... Hope you like it!

Back to business.....Recently I read the book, Courting Trouble by Deeanne Gist. This is a Christian Historical Fiction novel and we had previously read a book by her last year (Info. found here). Here is what the book is about from the author's site:

Whether it's riding bikes, catching snakes, or sliding down banisters, Essie Spreckelmeyer just can't quite make herself into the ideal woman her
hometown--and her mother--expect her to be. It's going to take an extraordinary man to appreciate her joy and spontaneity--or so says her doting oil-man father.Unfortunately such a man doesn't appear to reside in Corsicana, Texas. It's 1894, the year of Essie's thirtieth birthday, and she decides the Lord has more important things to do than provide her a husband. If she wants one, she needs to catch him herself. So, she writes down the names of all the eligible bachelors in her small Texas town, makes a list of their attributes and drawbacks, closes her eyes, twirls her finger, and ... picks one. But convincing the lucky "husband-to-be" is going to a bit more of a problem. Join Deeanne Gist for another unforgettable tale and find out whether Essie's plan to catch a husband succeeds or if she's just Courting Trouble. (end quote)

The book is about 330 pages and the author kept me turning the pages pretty fast. And I have to tell you that I enjoyed the previous book we read more than this one. It was entertaining reading and has a good message about Jesus being all we need in life but it didn't have enough wow factor for me to make it a book club selection for our group. But don't get me wrong, even after saying all that I am still interested in the sequel I just learned about. If you choose a Deeanne Gist book to read, be sure to check out her site as she does have lots of great resources. That is one thing I love about this author, she does research on her writing and doesn't forget about book clubs. I look forward to reading more from her so be sure to let me know if you have read one of hers that was a good pick. Happy reading!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

January 2011 Book Club Selection

Happy New Year 2011!! I pray that there are great things in store for you and yours as we move into another year. This will be the start of the 3rd year of our book club. Two years of so many wonderful books, great conversation and company! Just in case you want to look over all the books we read over the past two years, click here for a list on the blog.

Our January Selection will be The Help by Kathryn Stockett. Here is a description of the book from her site:

Three ordinary women are about to take one extraordinary step. Twenty-two-year-old Skeeter has just returned home after graduating from Ole Miss. She may have a degree, but it is 1962, Mississippi, and her mother will not be happy till Skeeter has a ring on her finger. Skeeter would normally find solace with her beloved maid Constantine, the woman who raised her, but Constantine has disappeared and no one will tell Skeeter where she has gone.Aibileen is a black maid, a wise, regal woman raising her seventeenth white child. Something has shifted inside her after the loss of her own son, who died while his bosses looked the other way. She is devoted to the little girl she looks after, though she knows both their hearts may be broken.Minny, Aibileen's best friend, is short, fat, and perhaps the sassiest woman in Mississippi. She can cook like nobody's business, but she can't mind her tongue, so she's lost yet another job. Minny finally finds a position working for someone too new to town to know her reputation. But her new boss has secrets of her own.Seemingly as different from one another as can be, these women will nonetheless come together for a clandestine project that will put them all at risk. And why? Because they are suffocating within the lines that define their town and their times. And sometimes lines are made to be crossed.In pitch-perfect voices, Kathryn Stockett creates three extraordinary women whose determination to start a movement of their own forever changes a town, and the way women--mothers, daughters, caregivers, friends--view one another. A deeply moving novel filled with poignancy, humor, and hope, The Help is a timeless and universal story about the lines we abide by, and the ones we don't. (end quote)

After several recommendations I read the book and thoroughly enjoyed it. I also recommend listening to it on CD as the actors reading the book did a terrific job.

Our January meeting will be Saturday January 29th at 8:30am-10:00am in Swift's new building. Thanks so much for your participation!!! Remember I LOVE book suggestions and am here if you have any questions or need some other book ideas to read when you finish the monthly book. You can also check back at the blog and see what other books I read and review as I try to find books for the club and for my own enjoyment.

Happy Reading!