Thursday, May 28, 2009

The spiritual sort

The better part that we need to experience with Jesus is time spent alone with him. In chapter 7 the author talks a lot about finding that quiet time to spend alone with just you and Jesus and what a difference it can make in your life. She gives us several little stories to help support this and I believe them. I like the quote from Hudson Taylor that she gave us that says, “We will all have trials. The question is not when the pressure will come, but where the pressure will lie. Will it come between us and the Lord? Or will is press us ever closer to His breast?” When we make the time to spend with Him we will grow closer rather than farther when those bad times do come. I like the story about the rock experiment and the $3 worth of God. I like what Cynthia Heald says, “We are as intimate with God as we choose to be.” So many of us complain about not being close to God but are we really making an effort?? Really?? Think about it.

I love the story that she gives us from J. Sidlow Baxter and I would love to re-type it all and quote it on here but it’s just a little too long. If you don’t quite remember that part go back and read it. You will find it in chapter 7 under the title “An Act of the Will.” In his little story he and his “will” are deciding that they are going to have a regular devotional time with God because he is not going to settle for the idea that he is, “just not the spiritual sort.” He tells us his thought process between him and his will and how he makes it work. It is very encouraging when you learn that you aren’t the only one that has problems. If you think that you are the only one that is dealing with something, that is the devils work. The devil wants you to think that it’s “only you” so that you think you are beyond help. Don’t believe him! Have a talk with your will like J. Sidlow Baxter does. I know I am going to.

The author gives us the three “C’s” that she uses to help grow in her time with God. Consistency, Creativity and Conversation. She gives us lots of helpful ways to use the three C’s so that we can broaden our horizons with our quiet time. She even gives us one of those nice little shaded boxes that has 10 ways to have Creative quiet times so we can mix it up a little. I really like the reading a chapter idea and getting a notebook or spending half a day in prayer or going to somewhere like a fast food restaurant to have my time. Lots of cool ideas so be sure you don’t miss it. I pray none of us shy away from becoming the spiritual sort.

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