Monday, March 14, 2011

Practicing the Presence OF GOD

This past month when we had our meeting to discuss the February Book, The practice of the presence of God by Brother Lawrence, I did not have any set discussion questions. Instead I pulled some from a great resource that I found online that helps you to go deeper into what Brother Lawrence is teaching us in the book. You can find this great free study online by clicking here.

The women I talked to in our group enjoyed this book and found the words of wisdom very helpful in every day lives. Some admitted to having difficulty reading it at first but then later would pick it back up and it was like reading a whole different book. Sometimes this happens and certain books just don't appeal to us when we are in different seasons of our lives or even in certain moods. I know that this book shouldn't be just pushed on the shelf only to end up in the yard sale box a couple years later. But this book should be kept along side your devotionals and bible.

I have found that since I have read this book my life has taken a turn to be even busier which no doubt is God checking to see if I learned anything from Brother Lawrence....? I have found myself determined not to lead such a busy life and I am beginning to organize and prioritize my time. I don't want to look back years from now and wonder where the time went and regret things I missed out on with family and friends. I also find myself praying to God more often and thanking him before I am about to do a task as well as afterwards thank him for the opportunity and the blessing just as Brother Lawrence mentions he would do.

I hope that you have found things that you can take away from this book and that you remember to go back to it often if you find your life taking a busy turn. I thank God for Brother Lawrence and that we could share in his wisdom. Happy Reading!

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