Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Amazed Clay by Wendy McMillan

I recently finished up a book that I had on loan from a friend for a long time. It was a bit of a difficult read depending on where you are in life at the moment so I kinda had to read it in pieces. Some days I was able to get through it faster than others. The book is Amazed Clay by Wendy McMillan. It is a Christian Non-fiction and tells about her journey in faith. I really enjoyed all the similarities between the potter and the clay. Because of her being a potter herself she is really able to go into details that you wouldn't get from verses in the bible that mention how He molds us. It was very interesting. The book is 139 pages and the author is a local of Baldwin County. Here is a description of the book from online:

Is life so busy that it's flying by and you wonder if you're missing something? Do you wonder what life is really all about? Maybe you just need a little relief from a crazy schedule. Wendy McMillan reveals how she too has lived amongst the screaming distractions of a very busy life and was horrified to find she nearly missed it.

Find real peace, security, understanding, love that never fails, joy, protection, and hope in Amazed Clay. Through the pages of this book, Wendy reveals how she found the treasure of life and offers you her 'treasure map' to the same amazing adventure. Should you accept to go on this journey, your life will never be the same after reading Amazed Clay.

Learn how to have peace of mind when anxiety and worry scream for attention, find joy though the troubling circumstances may not change, and finally understand the purpose of your specific life.

Wendy Langley McMillan is a weekend potter and currently resides in Robertsdale, Alabama, with her husband. She loves to help others be molded by the Master into thriving vessels. (end quote)

I have a few favorite passages that I want to quote and share with you. On page 86, the author is talking about how many of us live in a virtual reality, “We try to fit Him into our lives (schedules) instead of living ours for Him.” Wow. is that not true or what? So often times we go to church and do what we think is right as the author talks about but we only “fit” God time in. On page 88 she says, "He's (the enemy) dropping bread crumbs of busy schedules, service at church, nice homes, good deeds for others, and whatever else he can think of to possibly convince you all is okay while he lures you into dangerous territory." These are not always bad things but when we are too busy "doing things" and miss out on truly getting to know our Father and the role he has for the Holy Spirit in our lives we are missing out. I pray that I can get better at this myself and live my life more for Him than for my schedule.

The author continues on page 99-100 talking about this virtual reality we have made for ourselves and our relationship with God. She talks about a lesson she learned from another Bible Study and it was called, “The Captivity of Activity.” She said the lesson had two main points that were significant for her and I marked this as well. Point 1:“If the enemy cannot tempt us with destruction, he will settle for distraction.” Point 2: “Every day I’ve got a new choice, a choice to get up and in prayer give my anxiety-driven cares (distractions) completely over into his tender care then, trust that my God always protects and fights for what is always best for me.” She says again, “If the devil can’t tempt us with outright destruction, he’ll settle for distraction. The end result is the same.” Whoa. That really spoke to me. I think about all the times I do get distracted and loose sight of God and his plan for me in the sometimes messy day to day activities. I pray that I can become more aware of the tricks and traps that the enemy uses without me even noticing. I pray the same prayer for those of you reading this.

This will not make it on our book club selections but I would recommend the read if after you read the author’s description you feel a tug on your heart to read it. Happy Reading!

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