Tuesday, August 16, 2011

When Crickets Cry

I finished up the book, When Crickets Cry by Charles Martin. This is a Christian Fiction book and is 352 pages. Here is a description of the book from online:

A man with a painful past. A child with a doubtful future. And a shared journey toward healing for both their hearts. It begins on the shaded town square in a sleepy Southern town. A spirited seven-year-old has a brisk business at her lemonade stand. Her latest customer, a bearded stranger, drains his cup and heads to his car, his mind on a boat he's restoring at a nearby lake. But the little girl's pretty yellow dress can't quite hide the ugly scar on her chest. The stranger understands more about it than he wants to admit. And the beat-up bread truck careening around the corner with its radio blaring is about to change the trajectory of both their lives. Before it's over, they'll both know there are painful reasons why crickets cry...and that miracles lurk around unexpected corners. (end quote)

This book was a slow read but a good one. I know that doesn't sound quite right but I really did enjoy the story and the characters. The author went to great care to be extremely descriptive and make sure the reader knew everything necessary about Heart Transplants which is a huge part of the book. I think one of my favorite things was the outlook of the little girl Annie. She is amazingly brave in the face of having to receive a new heart by transplant and her faith is unshakable. She tells one of the other main characters not to worry because, "Whether or not I wake up...I'll have a new heart." Annie knew what was at stake and trusted God to bring her through it all on this side of heaven or not. I love the eternal optimist.

There are also some other themes to help in forgiveness, healing from the loss of a loved one and how much family matters. While this book will not be a book club selection I do hope that if you choose to read it you enjoy the book and keep going. Just because it's a little slow doesn't mean it's not worth your while. I look forward to maybe reading some other books by this author at some point. Happy reading!

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