Friday, September 11, 2009


I decided since it is 9/11 today that it's about time I start writing about this month's book. One Tuesday Morning opens with the author telling us how she researched for the book and prepares us for the story. She starts out giving us some background information about our characters so we have an idea of what their lives were like before that terrible day. Kingsbury tells us how this story is her way of grieving through the events. I think she is right, it's a nice way to remember and not lose hope.

In chapter 1 we are introduced to Jamie and Jake Bryan. They are a happy married couple with one child, Sierra. We get to know this family, Jake is a Christian together with his daughter Sierra. Jamie on the other hand is not and doesn't believe or attend church with Jake. The Bryan family lives in New York and Jake is a firefighter in New York City. In chapter 2 we meet Laura and Eric Michaels whom are not so happily married anymore and have 1 son, Josh. The Michaels family is in California. Eric also has a brother who is a main player in our story, Clay Michaels. In the Michaels family, Laura, Josh and Clay are the active Christians as Eric has become a workaholic and allowed it to put a strain on everything in his life. As we continue through the book we will flash back and forth between these two separate families on opposite ends of the country and read how their lives end up intersecting. Chapters 3 through 7 give us some insight as to the beliefs of our characters, the relationships between them and where they all stand in life as September 11th comes crashing down on them.

In Chapters 8-15 the author begins to breakdown 9/11 into a timeline throughout the day of what is happening in the lives of our characters. Jake is a firefighter trying to help those in the 2nd tower. Eric is in a meeting on the 64th floor of the 2nd tower. The story unfolds minute by minute and tells us what happens in the lives of all these people as the terrible events of the day unfold. Jake and Eric's lives intertwine for a brief moment on the stairwell. They realize that they look alike but now isn't the time to dwell on it. Eric continues down the stairs and Jake upwards. We find out that Jake Bryan survives or what the people in the story think is Jake Bryan, really though it's Eric Michaels. Eric has amnesia and those around him recognize him as Jake Bryan and since he has no clue who he is, he goes along with it. The author tells us in the beginning of the book that Amnesia was something that did happen to some with head injuries after 9/11. I think it is good to know this as under normal circumstances it might be harder for someone to believe that this mix up of identification could take place.

We will read on how the lives of these families in our book are forever changed. And this is the truth, real lives of thousands of people were changed that day. Take time today and as you read this book to remember and pray for the families who's lives changed forever. Take the time to pray for all of our service men and women. Remember that God is in control. I pray that you have the faith of Jake Bryan and remember where your real home is always. I wrote a little bit more of an extensive remembrance about this day on my personal blog. You can check it out by clicking here. God Bless the U.S.A.

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