Thursday, September 24, 2009

Time is short

I know I haven't been a very good blogger this month. I have found difficulty coming up with what to write about with this book. Not to say it isn't a good book with good themes (I wouldn't have chosen it, if I didn't think so). But I just haven't had much to say.

As you read through the book you find out the stories of the Bryan and Michael families. A part of me questions how believable this story is but at the same time I have never been in that extreme situation so who knows what I would have done. I love the way Jake had made notes for Jamie in his Bible and how he would write letters to her in his journal. Something I think many probably don't do or think about doing for their spouse whether they are a believer or not. Or even for your children. I think keeping a journal (Even if not updated everyday) or making notes like that is a treasure that those left on earth when we go home will appreciate forever. No doubt the Holy Spirit used this to reach Jamie and Eric's hearts in our story. I know many people who do keep a faith or prayer journal. I wonder if it will be an inspiration to others after they are gone, but I think I have my answer after reading this book. I keep a journal for my children. I started it when my son was about 3 years old and one for my daughter when she was about that same age. I don't write in it everyday but it is better than nothing. I had read the book The Wednesday Letters by Jason F. Wright. At the time I thought about how neat it would be for my husband to write me letters every week as was done in the book. So much is forgotten as years go by and what a good way to remember. In this book Jake is again the husband writing to the spouse but there is no reason why a wife couldn't do the same for her husband. Grant it when I read this I dream of my husband writing for me but rather than waiting for that to happen, why shouldn't I start writing for him?

I think the biggest thing that I took away from this book is the reminder of how short our time here is on earth. We never know when it could be the last time we lay eyes on a family member. It's a scary and sad thought but a realistic one as well. So often I hear the words about not taking for granted the time we are given but so often it goes in one ear and out the other. This book has helped me to remember that everyday. Not that I didn't before but even more so now am I more aware of being sure of telling people what I think and that I love them. Not that I have any plans to but it makes the thought cross my mind more often, If I were to die tomorrow, Would my family know how much I loved them? Or if one of my family members died tomorrow, Would they know how much I loved them? I think that Jake Bryan was a good example of someone who was sure when he died that those he was leaving knew where he stood with them. Thankfully even though Eric didn't have that peace he got a second chance to make it happen.

I'm sure the people who have endured hardships due to 9/11 and countless other tragedies can give the advice of not taking time for granted. We should all be so smart to wise up to what it means now rather than when it is to late. If you want to, share what you will take away from this book. Will it help you to appreciate how short our time really is here on earth? Will you make more of an effort with those around you? Will you stop letting loose ends hang and tie them up already? Will you break through those emotional barriers and start living your life? Will you stop putting it off and give yourself to Christ?

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