Friday, February 5, 2010

The Ultimate Gift Completion

"In the end, life lived to its fullest is its own Ultimate Gift." That was our last quote of the book. I know many of you have enjoyed having those little quotes. Such little pearls of wisdom. In the end Jason finds out there was still one gift left in The Ultimate Gift, "..control of my charitable trust fund. Its current value is somewhere slightly over $1 billion." It is a gift to know that Jason wasn't even expecting anything by this point at the end. He truly believed that his Ultimate Gift were all the gifts he had already been given and he was content with that. I think we were all happy to see how this ended up.

We had a good meeting this past Saturday with 8 women in attendance but I know quite a few more than that who read the book and enjoyed it. Everyone seemed to be in agreement on what a "gift" the book was. (pun intended) We all agreed that it could get tiring with the same scenario at the beginning and end of each chapter but that the overall message outweighs the faults. Several women plan on giving the book away as a gift to someone they know. I brought a discussion guide that I found off of the main website for the movie and book. We didn't look at it too much but it was something to take home and review if you were interested with Bible verses that corresponded to different gifts. You can go to The Ultimate Gift Experience by clicking here and see where the different discussion guides can be found as well as several other resources for the movie and book. And let me back up a minute, yes there is a movie as well. I really like the movie even with the differences from the book I still enjoy it. You will have to watch it to see what I mean, regardless the gifts are taught the same, if not in a more emotional way being able to see the actors/actresses achieve them.

And if that still isn't enough for you of The Ultimate Gift, there is a sequel by Jim Stovall called, The Ultimate Life. Here is the description of this book from Amazon:

A profound follow-up to the bestselling book and major motion picture, The Ultimate Gift. When Jason Stevens found out he had to jump through hoops to maybe get an unnamed inheritance from his billionaire grandfather, he was not amused. By the time he'd finished learning the lessons he'd become a different man. Ready to tackle the duties of running a multi-billion dollar trust, he is once again derailed, this time by his pugnacious family. Not content with their cattle ranches and oil fields, his aunts, uncles, and even his parents are determined to see every last dime entrusted to their own self-serving pockets. With none of the reluctance he initially showed for the Gift, he eagerly accepts the challenge and pushes himself to prove not only to his family and the court but also to the world, that with determination and the simple tenets of the Gift, anyone can lead The Ultimate Life. (end quote)

The sequel is just as small and easy to get through as the first book and enjoyable as well. I wouldn't go as far to say it is a must read but nevertheless it's a good way for you to see where Jason went in life after he had completed his gift. I didn't even know a sequel existed until I happened upon it one day in our $5 Christian Book store in our outlet mall, so maybe you too one day stumble upon that deal.

I hope you have enjoyed our January Selection as we start our second year and that you join us for February. I pray that you take to your heart The Ultimate Gifts that Jason learned without forgetting THE ultimate gift God gave us all, His Son. I pray you live the gifts learned everyday and pass The Ultimate Gift on to others because, "what is knowledge if it isn't shared?" Happy Reading!

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