Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fight the good fight and keep the faith

My apologies yet again for not posting often enough. Debbie has passed away and they have buried her. I think we have another good piece of advice from Denver in chapter 53. Denver talks about when you are grieving and talking to God to just let it all out, “Since He can see right through your heart anyway, you can go on and tell Him what you really think.” I think that it is important to remember this not only when we are grieving but also in life in general. It’s okay to get mad and share your feelings with God because it’s not like you are hiding anything from him. Share with Him, let it all out, you will feel closer in your relationship with Him when you do.

There are some moments in the book that deal with sprits. One where Denver sees Debbie at Rockytop and another with Ron and Denver at Hershalee’s old house in Louisiana. Now nothing like this has ever happened to me so I can be skeptical when I hear stories similar to this at times. But my position is that how do we know that they aren’t telling the truth and who are we to judge or deny them what they saw and felt. So saying that, we know the reason for the visitation with Debbie was to make Denver comfortable. So what about the situation in Hershalee’s old house? This was something we discussed at the meeting this past Saturday and I am just curious to see if anyone else has a take on it.

I love in chapter 66 when Denver is getting ready to preach at the Baptist Church and he tells Ron all that he needs to say to introduce him, “Just tell em I’m a nobody that’s tryin to tell everybody ‘bout Somebody that can save anybody. That’s all you need to tell em.” It is amazing how simple Denver makes it. Isn’t that what all of us should be doing? Being humble before God and our peers and just letting others know that we just want to share about the, “Somebody that can save anybody.”? I love that part too.

So as we wrap up the book I have to quote the very end which is my favorite part of ALL and what I believe is the basis for what we all need to take away from this book; to help us in our connections with other people. “But I found out everybody’s different – the same kind of different as me. We’re all just regular folks walkin down the road God done set in front of us. The truth about it is, whether we is rich or poor or somethin in between, this earth ain’t no final restin place. So in a way, we is all homeless – just workin our way toward home.”

I hope you enjoyed this months’ selection and will enjoy the next month as well. Please remember to look over the rest of the reading guide questions that I didn’t post that are in the back of your book and think about them. Think about who is it that God is calling you to make a difference in their lives. You can go to and go to the FAQ’s part and get an update on where Denver and Ron are now as well as updated pictures. Yes they are making a book of "Denverisms". That just makes me smile. May we all aspire to be more like Debbie who fought the fight and kept the faith.

Sunrise at Rocky Top

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Christy and Gregory said...

As a comment to the spirit part... my mother's side of the family all have a few reports of sort of the same kind of thing as Debbie and Denver experience. I've kind of felt an experience like that on one occasion, involving my grandmother. My grandmother was a godly woman and we have a very large, loving family. When she was very near the end of her life, we were all gathered at my aunts house where she was living at the time. Over the course of a few days these things occured: my aunt was outside hanging clothes on the line (good ole country folk) and felt a sudden breeze come up and heard "the death angel is near"....a few days later we were all gathered around my grandmother's bed and we watched the most beautiful expressions crossing her face...she was peaceful and relaxed and she reached out as if she were hugging someone (her late husband, her infant son who died, Jesus?) the next day, I left to go to church, and made it through Sunday school, but felt called to get up and leave during was like I was being pulled to leave... I made it to my grandmother's bedside to be with the rest of my family just moments before she took her last breath....

Those moments have stayed with me more than any memory I've had. I think that God does speak to us at times like that, when our heart is the most vulnerable and open and pure... it gives me hope and promise. Whenever I beging to doubt at what's there, I remember those times.