Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Posting on The Shack is harder than I thought it would be. I had thought, "wow there is so much to discuss in the book that this will be easy." But now I am having a hard time getting my thoughts together and wrapping my mind around some of this. There is so so so much to comment and talk on that I find myself not knowing where to begin. So as we dive deeper into this book I may have to have a simple disclaimer before my posts, “Disclaimer: Please have mercy and forgive me if I make an error on something for I have neither educational background nor the knowledge to enlighten you about some of the main themes of this book. I know there is much controversy surrounding this book. If I say something in error, remember that I am no expert and for this reason there are some parts in the book that are important that I will not touch on. Thank you.” I’m hoping some of you that are more educated than I will be able to do some guest posting.

At the end of chapter 5, Mack enters the shack and meets up with our three characters that will be with us for a while in the book. If I were Mack standing there when the whole world started changing to spring time and he meets the characters, I have no idea what I would do… I would probably think I was dreaming or hallucinating but I just don’t know. First we have God played by Elousia a large black woman, Jesus played by a man who looks as if he is from the Middle East and Sarayu who looks to Mack like some sort of Asian spirit. Now I know this is far off from what we might imagine the trinity to be like but it doesn’t really matter because with God the possibilities are endless and this is just one persons take on what if's. Even with the shock of the way this trinity is portrayed, if you can get around that, there are several truths that the characters speak of throughout the book that one can easily look over when only focusing on the big picture. Remember this is a fictional novel for fun, not biblical doctrine. And for this reason I am going to try to steer clear of some of the larger themes to avoid a big theological discussion which I am neither prepared nor educated to have. I will try to pull out some of the other details that may have been easy to skim over. And one last plea, PLEASE if you have something that you want to write a post about in the book e-mail it to me and I will see about posting it for you. It would take much longer than a month for me to post everything there is to talk about in this book so if you feel like I am leaving something out that you want to discuss, write a post!

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