Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Disclaimer: Please have mercy and forgive me if I make an error on something for I have neither educational background nor the knowledge to enlighten you about some of the main themes of this book. I know there is much controversy surrounding this book. If I say something in error, remember that I am no expert and for this reason there are some parts in the book that are important that I will not touch on. Thank you.

In the first chapter we jump right in as Mack gets his unexpected note from “Papa”. When you first read this you are drawn in to see what all this meeting at the shack is about. We are told that this name comes from a personal name his wife, Nan, uses for God. I’m curious to know what others think of this use of the name Papa for God. I think it is a neat perspective because it is just another word for Father which is the way many of us talk to God in prayer. The name I use the most for God in my prayers is probably Father or Heavenly Father. What do you call God when you call on Him in your prayers? Is there any name that you use more than others? We have so many wonderful names to call Him but we all know we can be creatures of habit so I am just curious to know if there is a name that comes the most often in your prayer time.

I have a plain grey bible cover that I use to keep my bible in, that keeps it nice and protected plus I love how it can hold all kinds of miscellaneous notes or articles. But my favorite part about my cover is on the front it has listed in a neat design all the different names we call Jesus. Messiah, Son of Righteousness, Emmanuel, The Good Shepherd and so many more! I love reading the front and all these wonderful names by which we can call our Savior and it just makes me smile. So with all the different names for God that we can use to form our relationship with Him… well that just makes me smile too.

I know that as we read further into the book the subject of the name “Papa” will come in again with more discussion and we will focus on it again then. I hope as you start to read through the next few chapters you keep pushing yourself through them. When I was first told about the book I was scared of these next chapters and what exactly I would be reading about but I’m glad I pushed through.

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Christy said...

I love the term "papa". There is something that's so endearing about it. I've always loved it in movies or books and always thought that I would like my kids to call their daddy "papa" because it seems so real and personal. But, when I was reading, i remember thinking..hmm.. Papa means God? It took me a while to catch on. I, like Mack think of God as "FATHER", sometimes "HEAVENLY FATHER" or even "OLMIGHTY FATHER"...but think about any of us call our earthly fathers "FATHER"? It's so distant, so formal. As you read further in the book, it becomes so clear why the term "Papa" is used. This book is completely about looking at the relationship that we have with God in a different way. I have always kept God and His love at a distance.Something to believe in, but not touch..something to respect and be thankful of. Even after reading this book, I find myself doing that. Thinking of God as Papa or Dad brings Him closer and more approachable. More real.

Keith said...

Jesus called God "Abba" which can be loosely translated as "Daddy". Mark 14:36 Not far from "daddy" to "Papa". The Spirit calls God "Abba" in Galatians 4:6. Paul writes that we can call God "Abba" because we have received the Spirit of sonship. Romans 8:15 I suspect this is where Young gets the idea of "Papa".

abookjunkie said...

Thanks Keith! That's cool, I didn't know that.