Monday, June 1, 2009


I think these last chapters make the biggest point at what we need to remember with this book. Balance is a process and always will be. We can achieve balance but the teeter totter is still going to go one way or the other at some point and we just have to be ready with the Holy Spirit living inside us to know what to do. Chapter 11 is about balancing work and worship. The author states that, “As long as my heart is set toward both service and worship; I don’t have to feel guilty when my life seems to settle longer on one side because I know I’ll eventually push off from that spot and spend some time on the other.” I really like the Balance checklist that the author gives us in shaded boxes. If we ever feel one way or the other we can come back to this and see what needs to be done to maybe even ourselves out a little bit. The author shares different techniques that she has learned at achieving balance which we can use as jumping off points if we are having trouble. One big thing I struggle with that she talks about in this chapter is receiving the gift of rest on the Sabbath. We are to relax and not do work. I have to admit that most Sunday’s I do work. I do laundry, I have to run to the grocery store, this and that, and it’s definitely a struggle for me. I really like the story about the African tribe that takes a break of rest to allow their souls to catch up. I need to remember to put aside the “kitchen duties” and spend time in the “living room.” The author goes on to give us some helpful advice on how to be hospitable in the kitchen without overdoing it or tiring ourselves out. But most of all in this chapter, I like the point the author makes with balance. It’s just like on a real teeter-totter where you have to move in towards the middle to make it balance better and not get “bumpsies." We have to move closer to Jesus in order to achieve balance on our teeter-totters of life.

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