Monday, June 1, 2009

Nothing held back

As we finish up this book we progress through chapters 9 & 10 and learn two more stories about Mary and Martha. In chapter 9 we look at Martha’s teachable heart and how we all need to have one. If we don’t have a teachable heart, how will we come to know the love of Jesus and allow the Holy Spirit to reside in us? As the author talks about having a teachable heart and how Jesus chose those whom were teachable it makes so much sense. Especially eye-opening was the example of the Wall Street Corporation, whom wanted workers fresh out of college ready to train. Of course, Why would you want someone that was “A know and it all” and refused to learn? The author even has a shaded box for us to try to figure out if we have a teachable heart and what maybe we need to do to work on turning ours into one. I enjoyed the author including the story about Martha running out to Jesus from chapter 8 so that we can see the transformation in Martha’s heart that took place. If we want to have a change like Martha did, the author tells us that we must have three things in our relationship with Jesus: be willing to listen, act on what we hear and respond to discipline. I pray that we all can find ourselves with a teachable heart that’s willing to make changes just like the story of the butterfly at the end of Chapter 9.

Chapter 10 shows us the woman that Mary has changed into as well. The author tells us that no longer is she just sitting at His feet but now she is devoted to giving Him all she has. The author gives us some perspective on the story of how Mary poured the perfume on Jesus feet and dried it off with her hair. I had no idea about the significance for Mary to use the expensive perfume. I enjoyed that background because it helped me to understand the story and how Mary really loved Jesus with her whole heart. She was willing to jump out there and give Him all of her no matter what the cost. The author has a shaded box that gives ways for us to make Jesus our Lord if this is something we struggle with. We are not perfect and we want it all and want to do it all, so sometimes we may need a little help in jumping out there. I think this book is a great tool to help. I know for me, coming away from these two chapters I want both, the teachable hart and the extravagant love with nothing held back. As we wrap up the book we will see that all this can be achieved with balance and will always be a work in progress.

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