Thursday, June 4, 2009

Stories to be told

As we start out with The Red Tent, please be warned that you may come across some content that is PG-13. Please do not let this discourage you from reading but press on to read this story of what could have been. When I was reading it the first time, I almost stopped reading when I would come to these parts but I decided to persevere to see why everyone loved this book. I am glad I did. In the Prologue we have Dinah speaking directly to us, the readers. She is prepping us for the story she is about to tell from her point of view. Her name is a mere blip compared to the whole Bible, but we are getting ready to read “her story.” I don’t believe God includes “blips” in the Bible for nothing and that everything has a purpose and something that can be learned from it. I know that only a fraction of the story about to be told is actually in the Bible and the rest is fiction. But I feel like the people that I read about in the Bible all the time, now have a little more life to them and are easier to grasp. In the prologue Dinah informs us that she is going to start with the stories of her 4 mothers in chapter 1. I look forward to reading along with you as we get to learn about the stories that “Dinah” has to tell to us.

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