Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Between Sundays by Karen Kingsbury

I know you never saw the fact that I was reading this on my sidebar but let's just say there are several books I don't always get a chance to add over there. If I did add all the books I stay in the middle of, it would be very long and annoying. Anyways I have been reading like 5 books trying to figure out one for our August Book Club selection and this is one I read in my research this past week. It is Between Sundays by Karen Kingsbury. Here is what the inside book flap says:

Aaron Hill has it all, athletic, good looks and the many privileges of a star quarterback. His Sundays are spent playing NFL football in front of a televised audience of millions. But Aaron's about to receive an unexpected hand off, one that will give him a whole new view of his self-centered life.

Derrick Anderson is a family man who volunteers his time with foster kids while sustaining a long career as a pro football player. But now he's looking for a miracle. He must act as team mentor while still striving for the one thing that matters most this season-keeping a promise he made years ago.

Megan Gunn works two jobs and spends her spare time helping at the youth center. Much of what she does, she does for the one boy for whom she is everything-a foster child whose dying mother left him in Megan's care. Now she wants to adopt him, but one obstacle stands in the way. Her foster son, Cory, is convinced that 49ers quarterback Aaron Hill is his father.

Two men and the game they love. A women with a heart for the lonely and lost, and a boy who believes the impossible. Thrown together in a season of self-discovery, they're about to learn lessons in character and grace, love and sacrifice. Because in the end, life isn't defined by what takes place on the first day of the week, but by how we live it between Sundays. (end quote)

This book is inspirational fiction and 298 pages long and the first book I have ever read by Karen Kingsbury. I have seen her talk twice now at past Ewomen Conferences and have always wanted to start reading her books but just never had the time. I hear her series are great but I was trying to find one of her stand alone novels to use for the book club. I read this one and liked it. I have to be honest, when I first read through the Prologue of the book, it took everything I had not to cry at my desk. Usually you work up to the intense parts in books but this threw it out there right away. After reading the Prologue, I almost didn't want to go on because of how sad it was but then I reminded myself that it's an inspirational novel so it can only get better from here.

I enjoyed the story and the lessons the characters learned about themselves, others and God. I really like the message of the book and think it is something we all need to remember and hold true to. It's not what we do on Sundays but rather what we do in between those Sundays. When we are in between Sundays many of us are lights out in the world and we may be the only bit of Jesus someone sees all week. It's important to remember this when you aren't at church and as you go about your daily lives at work, in the supermarket, in the drive thru, etc. I am undecided as to whether it will be a book club selection for us in the future. But I would definitely recommend it for some light reading. I look forward to reading more of Karen's books. If you have any that you recommend of Karen's, let me know and why you recommend them. Happy Reading to you!

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