Friday, August 21, 2009

The beginning at the end

I know it is terrible I am just now beginning to write about our August Selection and for this I am sorry. Sometimes I just don't have that much time to write. Let's begin!

I love in the beginning that the author dedicates this story to a real live character/person, his uncle Eddie. I'm glad he starts out telling you that this is just a version of Heaven, just a story to get you to realize your importance here on earth. Mitch Albom starts in the first chapter with what happens at the end of Eddies life but while also giving us some flashbacks to get to know Eddie a little better. Eddie is someone that ended up stuck in a job that was his fathers that he never wanted to carry on in the first place. He's older and lonely. He does his job with great care and is always looking out for others. This is what brings us to the moment of Eddie's death. Eddie dies trying to save a little girl from a ride that is collapsing. The author even connects us to the reason the ride is collapsing, a innocent mistake that one person made, riding with a lose key in his pocket. Something so simple can cause something so monumental. Do you ever think about the small little things that happen and what a impact they can have or do you only look at the big events? Eddie was certainly someone who noticed the small details but didn't really think his small job was worth much. We learn later in the story more about Eddie and how much his job really was worth. I pray that you will realize your worth in the job you do as you read through the story.

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