Monday, August 10, 2009

Prison ups and downs

Sorry I have been absent from blogging but life has taken over and I just haven't had the time. You would think it would be easy to spit out a quick little blip about a book, but really it's not. When I am writing about these books it is a long process with lots of thought and prayer. I try to be sure that God is guiding what I write and I give Him Glory and connect with you. Also today is my 100th post. Now those of you not familiar with the blogging community, A post is every time I write about something on the blog. Kinda like a journal, this is my 100th entry. Most bloggers celebrate with a giveaway of some sort, so if you were expecting that, Sorry folks! We're just gonna keep on keeping on here with writing and reading. No celebration or excitement really just glad that we have actually made it this far. So I suppose since I should be writing about our August Book selection by now that we finish up The Hiding Place pretty soon. I plan to finish up this week and lets get started!

When we last left off on the blogging, the raid had just occurred. Our Ten Booms and others are sent to Scheveningen Federal Prison. I have to once again comment on the wisdom and courage that God blessed Mr. Ten Boom with which we get to read about today. In chapter 10 they Soldiers are getting information from the prisoners and sending them through the line. Casper's turn comes up and the solider has pitty on the "old fellow." He tells Casper that he will take his word that he won't make any more trouble and let him go. To which Casper replies, "If I go home today, tomorrow I will open my door again to any man in need who knocks." Of course the solider did not like this and told him to get back in line. I love that Casper stood up and said that. How many people do you think would have just taken the opportunity to just get out of there?

While Corrie is in prison she tells us ups and downs about her stay there. She tells us about when she went to the doctors office and a kind nurse slipped her some much needed items. The most important of all being the Gospels. I thank God for the nurse and people like her that would take the risks to help others. As Corrie is in prison she describes to us what she would do to keep herself occupied and how she would try to find happy things like the ants. At one time the guards were all out for Hitler's birthday so the prisoners were able to find out about family members. Corrie finds out about most except her Father at this time. She later finds out the news that he has passed because of a letter she received from Nollie. This is a difficult time for Corrie and she reaches out to a passing guard for help. But realizes the only help she ever needed was there with her all the time, Jesus.

In Chapter 11 Corrie tells us about a kind lieutenant she meets during her hearings. He ends up asking her all kinds of questions about the Bible, her faith and family. He is desperate to find a light in all the darkness that surrounds him in the war. He questions how Corrie can still have faith even with everything that has happened to her. She thinks back to the time when her Father used the heavy suitcase to remind herself that sometimes things are just to heavy for us to carry and we must give them over to our Father. The arrangement is made for the Ten Booms to come together to hear Casper's Will. The lieutenant allows them a few moments to reunite and chat before their time is up. It is such a joyous time for them all to get to see each other even just for a few moments. They spend a moment in prayer and pray for the lieutenant. I pray that he and his family did come to Jesus in the end.

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