Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Since then

I'm not sure what editions of The Hiding Place have this and which ones don't. I happen to have the 35th Anniversary Edition that has a part in the back titled, "Since Then." It gives us an update on what happened to all the members or those connected with the Ten Boom Family. Things that Corrie found out months or years later. The projects Corrie worked on that were Betsie's dreams were very successful and still operating today in a new building. The Beje is now a museum and I would love to be able to visit it one day. You can look up information about it online. Corrie traveled all over the world telling people the story of Jesus love for them. She even made it back to Ravensbruck one day where she learned that her own release had been part of a clerical error; one week later all women her age were taken to the gas chamber.

The co-author tells us of the friendship they made with Corrie and a few other little tidbits of the impact she had on their lives. This edition also has some great pictures and time lines and family trees of the Ten Booms. If the story of The Hiding Place touched you as much as it did me you may want to check out the Movie that was produced by Billy Graham. I watched it again over the past weekend and it was good. The real Corrie even surprises you at the end with a few brief words. Make sure you have time for it though because it is about a 2 and a half hour long movie. I liked the book better but it's always nice to watch the movie too. And on that note, There will be a showing of The Hiding Place in our church sanctuary August, 24, 2009 at 6:30 pm. For more information contact the church office at 251-943-8367. Or you can get it from netflix, where you rent your movies or possibly your local library.

I think God used this book to help me have a better outlook on life and the things I complain about. This story of the faith of Casper, Betsie and Corrie is so inspiring, it is like getting a shot of faith into your veins. I love that Corrie showed us not just the times she was faithful but when her faith wavered too .She shows us that she is no better or no different that anyone else and that she had struggles too in her walk with Christ. At our meeting back in July when we discussed the book, everyone loved it. Yes, it is a sad story but at the same time it's such an inspiring happy story. I think the fleas story is something I will never forget nor the words that Betsie said, "There is no where so deep that He is not deeper still." Share this story with others and I hope God used it to touch your life so that you will pick it up again and remember. I would love to hear from you and what touched you about this story. Give us some feedback if you have the time. As always, Happy Reading! May we all remember the motto of the Ten Boom family, Jesus is Victor.

Corrie Ten Boom did go home on her 91st birthday on April 15, 1983. (Picture Source)

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