Thursday, January 14, 2010

The beginning of The Ultimate Gift

Well a new year and lots of new books to read! I hope you have enjoyed your break and have been reading lots of great books that you can give to me for recommendations! This January book selection is one that I was introduced to when I met my husband's family. His Aunt had given him and his brother copies of The Ultimate Gift for Christmas one year. So I saw the book lying around one day and decided to start reading it. I love what his Aunt wrote in the front of his and I want to share it with you as a good pre-cursor to the reading and an idea of why I felt like it was such a good selection:

“If you never pick up another book, please make an effort to read one small chapter from this one on a daily basis. The principles found in this book were ingrained in the children of our family since my earliest memory. Putting them together in a wonderful tale of fiction causes them to be further ingrained. You won’t realize it’s blessing until you delve into it’s written word.”

My husband’s Aunt is known in the family for being good with words and I felt she hit the nail on the head with this one. And when I read the description she writes, the Bible also comes to mind. We are reading about a book that is not talking about The Ultimate Gift to mankind of Jesus, but a gift of values to be passed down between families just as his Aunt spoke of in her note. I feel like this book has a simple easy way of preserving those values to be passed on to a generation that just isn’t getting them. Especially when we are in a culture of such self-involved ideas, I feel that you reading this book may spark you to give it to those younger who may need to hear this story.

Enough of my introduction let’s talk about the beginning of the book for a moment. I like the fact that it gives you just enough background and gets to the point. And I enjoy the quotes that are at the beginning of each chapter. In chapter one we find out who all the players are and a good grasp of what Red Stevens family is like. In chapter two we get the beginnings of what the whole book is about and meet our main character, Jason Stevens. The quote at the beginning of chapter two says, “In the end, a person is only known by the impact they have on others.” This book is about Red Stevens deciding that the impact he had on his family wasn’t a good one, even though they may say different considering their riches. He has decided to leave a better impact on Jason hopefully changing his life forever. We will continue to read and see what the tasks are that Jason must complete to receive his Ultimate Gift. Happy Reading!

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