Friday, January 22, 2010

The Gift of Friends

In Chapter 5, The Gift of Friends, the beginning quote is as follows, "It is a wealthy person, indeed, who calculates riches not in gold but in friends." We start the chapter with the old Jason... past couple chapters we had seen the glimmer of a change in heart but at the beginning of this one he's back. He receives Red's mission that he must find an example of true friendship that demonstrates his principles. Red tells him that the people he calls friends are "weak hangers-on." And Red tells a story of true friendship between him and Mr. Hamilton as a wonderful example.

Jason arrives back at the office a month later and tells Mr. Hamilton and Mrs. Hastings a story of what he believes true friendship is between Gus Caldwell and Red Stevens. Jason says this about friendship, "The best I can do is to say that friendship involves loyalty, commitment, and a process that includes sharing another person's life. It even goes deeper than that, but it's hard to put into words." Because of his manor and his story he passes on to the next month with the Mr. Hamilton's approval. It's encouraging to hear Jason is beginning a friendship with one of the people he helped during the money chapter. Another lesson that I believe youth of today need to learn. With bullying at such a high, kids need to know that real friends wouldn't treat you certain ways or use your friendship as a tool against you. Real Friendship is not something that can be paid for.. hence bringing back the saying, Money can't buy you everything! I pray each of you reading this knows the benefits of a true friendship. Have a great weekend!

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