Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cast of Characters by Max Lucado

I just finished up reading Cast of Characters by Max Lucado. This is the second book I have read by Max, the first being one of my favorites, Traveling Light. We read Traveling Light as our January Selection in 2009. Cast of Characters is one of Max's newer books and I picked it up one day a while back in the $5 book store in the outlet mall. I have just now gotten around to reading it as I am scouting out books for our book club this year. This is a non-fiction book that is 222 pages long with discussion points behind every chapter. Here is what the description states from Max's website:

We find our stories in theirs. We find our hope where they found theirs. In the midst of them all...hovering over them the hero of it all: God. Maker. Shaper. Rescuer of sinking hearts.Do you believe that God can use you to accomplish extraordinary things? If you have any doubts, take a look at the heroes in the Bible. You'll find people like Mary, Peter, David, Joseph and Esther--ordinary people who allowed God to work through them in amazing ways. In Cast of Characters, Max Lucado gleans from several of his best-selling works to present some of the Bible's most interesting lives. Each chapter includes related Biblical text and discussion questions for individual or group study. Come closer to God's heart for you, by spending time with this cast of characters. Cast of Characters contains 22 character studies, profiling both men and women who loved and were loved by God. These heroes—from King David to Joseph, Moses to the Samaritan Woman, Abigail to Lazarus—may be known for their achievements, but Lucado explores how God accomplished more through their failures than their successes. Lucado reveals how these ancient biblical characters are relevant to modern concerns among people such as doubt, rejection, insignificance, purpose, humility, suffering, risk, and consequences. Extraordinary stories are told about the following characters: Mary, Peter, Matthew, The Samaritan Woman, Esther, David, Joseph, and more… (end quote)

I have to say I was not as in to this book as I had been with Traveling Light. Not to say that it wasn't good reading. I did like the way that Max presents you with the related scripture first on a character and then would take their story and make it sound like something going on in modern day times that makes it easier to relate too even though it's still the same story! How wonderful our God is a God of second chances and wants and uses imperfect people like you and I! I do not feel that this book will make it to our book club selections but that's not to say you wouldn't enjoy it. I believe as others have said about Traveling Light that it is a book that you may have to just be in that time in your life for it to be the most beneficial. I have several other Lucado books on my list to read and do hope we will feature another of his again sometime this upcoming year. Happy Reading!

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