Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Gift of Work

The first gift that Jason receives is, The Gift of work. "He who loves his work never labors" I like that quote and it's a good thought, something that I think about often lately as I try to discover what I want to go back to school for, what I want to start a career in. I know that I want to love it. Several ideas have come about but I know that my heart would not be in the right place so therefore it indeed would be a great labor. Like Red Stevens is teaching Jason, good comes from the work we do and I do enjoy it. Yes sometimes the work we do is not enjoyable but it brings me joy to get an honest days work in and provide for my family. Something we may have learned, but most of the Steven's family has no clue about. And something that many people in this upcoming generation are experiencing as well.

We see Jason go through this lesson and come out successful on the other side and we begin to see a glimmer of change. He does the difficult task of putting in fence posts and I think what Gus tells Jason at the end of the chapter is the heart of where this lesson lies, "If you can do this kind of work with pride and quality, you can do anything." Yes, these chapters and lessons are brief but monumental. I can already think of several people who have no idea what the gift of work is all about. May be something simple to you but something that we all need to remember to tell those who will come after us to pass on this life lesson and to pray for those who don't know it yet. Happy Reading!

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