Friday, April 30, 2010

April/May Book Club News

This past Saturday we had our April book club meeting with 7 people in attendance. It was a great meeting with good conversation.

We did discuss what to do with the lack of participation in meetings and have decided for now to continue meeting. Many of you only need to read the book and just enjoy knowing you are reading along with others and that is okay. I am just glad that you are enjoying the books and that so many of you have rekindled your love for reading. Then others of you pointed out how wonderful the meetings are because you get to hear other people's perspectives of the book that may make you think about something that you hadn't noticed before. Each and every person brings new insight, thoughts and opinions to the table that are valuable. I appreciate your participation whether you are just reading along or do make it to some of the meetings. I encourage you to try to make it to a meeting if you have never been before and see how you like it. If there are any thoughts or insight you can share as we try to make this club the best it can be, please do so!

I did write on the blog a few times this month but I encourage you to really check out the seek and find section of your books and dig deeper into the scriptures. I pray you distinguish between fact and fiction and that you have enjoyed this month's selection.

Our May book information can be found on the blog here. Encourage a friend to read along with us and bring them to our meeting. This Month's meeting will be on May 22, 2010 at 8:30AM in Classroom 4. The last Saturday in May is Memorial day weekend, so we are having our meeting the week before. There is a session retreat going on at that time but we will have access to Classroom 4. I hope you enjoy reading this month's selection!

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