Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Unafraid, Mary's Story

The 5th and final novella in A Lineage of Grace is Unafraid. This is the story of Mary, the mother of Jesus: "All eternity had been waiting for this moment. She responded in simple obedience to God's call." Here is what tells you about the book:

In this conclusion to Rivers's series about Jesus' matrilineal ancestors (e.g., Unshaken), Mary is not the serene Madonna historically depicted in art. She is instead a willful child, an unwed pregnant teenager thrilled that the long-awaited Messiah will come from her and failing to understand why people won't believe her when she tells them of her vision of an angel of the Lord. Only after God appears to Joseph does he believe and wed Mary. From then on, even though she loves her whole family, Jesus is Mary's sole focus, almost her obsession. Before her faith can become strong enough to endure his crucifixion, Mary must learn that her son was never really hers and that she was the vessel through which God worked his grace. The Christy Award-winning Rivers provides a fresh look at the historical Mary in much the same way Ellen Gunderson Traylor (Mary Magdalene, Mark) and Thom Lemmons (Daughters of Faith series) have done with other biblical figures. A solid addition to all collections. (end quote)

The book about Mary was a great conclusion to the other 4 novellas we read about the women who God used for the lineage of Jesus. It was definitely interesting to read the story from what might have been Mary's point of view. How heart wrenching and confusing it would have been for Mary to watch her son die but amazing for her to have the realization and comfort from God that he was never just her son. He was God's son. And that the dreams that she had for him were nothing compared to what God had planned. When God doesn't answer our prayers and fulfill our dreams he may just have something even better in mind. Again look to your seek and find section of your book to dig deeper into the story of Mary.

I hope you have enjoyed reading A Lineage of Grace and will pass it on and recommend to others. I am so blessed to have had my eyes opened to the Lineage of Jesus and the imperfect women that God used to bring about his Son. I pray you go back to your bible and read over these stories again. I pray that you are able to distinguish between the fact and the fiction and that this reawakens a thirst for the scriptures. Happy Reading!

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