Monday, April 26, 2010

Unspoken, Bathsheba's Story

On to Book 4 in A Lineage of Grace where we learn about Bathsheba's Story: "Her beauty stirred the passion of a king. Her pain moved the heart of God." Here is a bit more of a description from

In award-winning writer Francine Rivers's five-book Lineage of Grace series about women in the family tree of Jesus Christ, perhaps the most compelling installment is Unspoken, the love story of David and Bathsheba. This Old Testament saga of adultery, power, and battles fought both on the field of combat and in the human heart touches on the cost of poor choices, the need for forgiveness, and finding ultimate fulfillment--themes that are relevant today. Rivers writes poignantly of how Bathsheba falls in love with David as a little girl, and of her bitterness when she comes of age and is given in marriage to Uriah, one of David's mighty warriors. Love cannot be commanded, however, and it's not long before the sexual tension between David and Bathsheba reaches its logical conclusion, with disastrous results. Rivers adeptly brings the biblical account to life, portraying the difficult struggles of good people, the corrupting influence of power, and God's love for those who make mistakes--even big mistakes. (end quote)

Reading through this story of Bathsheba and David was new for me as this is a part of the Bible I hadn't ever read or studied. I had a vague sense of awareness of the adultery but that was about it. It was quite a drama filled story.. even without Francine River's help. You can't say the bible is dull! So for me this being the first reading of this story, I was amazed yet again at the power of God's forgiveness and how he took the sin of David and Bathsheba and made great things in his will. Their son Solomon would become king and continue the line of David to our Savior. Over and over again God's love is shown to us and that you are never too far gone for him to make something beautiful of your life. And even if you are like David.. a man after God's heart... and stray away... we all sin and God is there when we recognize it and repent. He works with the mess we have made and can use it to further his will. Even though Bathsheba and David sinned.. they suffered for it.. but were restored to God.

I enjoyed reading what Bathsheba's point of view could have been and what she went through. It definitely shed some light in a realistic way on details that the bible leaves out but that she would have had to endure.. such as all the other wives of David, her family rejecting her, etc. Again I urge you to check out the seek and find section of the story and did even deeper into God's word. Yet again I am connecting the dots on the Lineage of Christ and all the women God used who needed his Grace. Have you accepted his Grace yet? Nothing you can do will ever earn it. Repent, accept consequences and forgiveness and live your life for Christ.

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