Friday, April 16, 2010

Wrap up of God's Smuggler

Brother Andrew

This is quite overdue but I can't put the book away and start writing about the next without finishing up. If you read and finished the book you know what happened from where I left off with my writing. We left off with Andrew at school and learning the overwhelming reality of God as provider. As you continue reading through the book there is story after story of obstacles that Andrew would come up against and God would provide a way. A way... for bibles to be smuggled, a way.... for a community to receive hope... A way.. for a car to be provided... much needed funds to appear. And the list goes on and on not just in Andrew's story but in all of ours if you stop to think.

Stop to think about your typical day from the moment you wake up until you go to sleep at night every tiny little thing the Lord provides for you. First things first, he provided that you WOKE UP!!! What a blessing we take for granted that the Lord has gifted us another day here on his earth in our blink of an eye existence. Then continue thinking about your regular morning activities and all that God has provided.. warm water, a shower, a toilet, toothpaste, food, clothing, shoes, water, etc. I could go on with this but I think you know where I am going. Even if you don't feel like your story is as adventurous as Andrew's.... every story is an adventure. Every day God is providing for you. Stop a moment, recognize it and Thank God for it. Think about what you might be able to help provide for others with what God has provided for you... pass it on just as Brother Andrew does.

I pray that this book has left some kind of an imprint on you to commit to be even closer to God and follow his will. The work that God has done and continues to do through Brother Andrew is nothing short of one miracle after another. Brother Andrew founded Open Doors and still is working his Father's will. Andrew is spreading the gospel all over the world and if you are interested in reading more about the work he is doing you can check out the latest book: Secret Believers, What happens when Muslims Believe in Christ. I am glad that the epilogue provided in the book gives you further glimpses into what he is currently involved with. He makes good points that to witness and provide for others you must be with them.. you must be there. You may not be called to be a missionary, but make the decision to be there for those around you and love them and show them love as Christ has loved us. I hope you enjoyed the March Selection and continue to read along with us. Happy Reading!

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