Friday, April 23, 2010

Unshaken, Ruth's Story

The third novella in A lineage of Grace is Unshaken. This is Ruth's Story, "She gave up everything, expecting nothing, and God honored her." Again another book that reads so quickly. I can't believe I am still so amazed at the way the author adds a little fiction to this classic story and seems to revive it somehow... I'm not sure how to word it... a friend of mine even laughed as she mentioned that she wished the whole bible was written this way. Not to demean the Bible but I guess if you have read it and you read this story you can see what I mean. I love the way the author does the back and forth between perspectives for the main characters. And I love the "what the women were saying.." and "what the men were saying.." parts that show the perspective of the community as the story plays out.

I had heard Ruth and Naomi's story before but never really gone in depth with it. I think I always just assumed that it was about Ruth's loyalty to Naomi and the kindness of Boaz... and didn't ever consider the way Ruth and Boaz ended up together and were included in the lineage of Jesus or that Rahab was Boaz's mother. I just didn't connect the dots. Again this is an example of where God used someone who was not one of the chosen Hebrews to be blessed and become one of his people. The wisdom Boaz, Ruth and Naomi showed at times certainly made me want what faith they would show. We all can stumble in our walks but I just felt like the wisdom in this story was very inspiring. Is there anything that God really showed to you during this story? Is there a character that you identify with more? Check out your "Seek and Find" section of the book and see what God speaks to you. Are you seeking Godly wisdom and counsel when you are in dire times or do you seek worldly wisdom? I pray that we can be like Ruth and seek God no matter what.

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