Thursday, February 26, 2009

Blast from the past

We last left off where Angel left Michael again and this time he is not coming after her. Michael knows that God does not want him to go after her this time and he realizes why in chapter 29. Instead of allowing God to come into her heart she has made Michael a god in her eyes. She needs to get away to realize that Michael is not her savior and never will be; only the God of Heaven can save her. This is something we can all struggle with at times. We become so dependent or wrapped up in a person that we let them become our life and God second. Nothing and no one will ever fulfill us the way God's love can. And God helps Michael to realize that this is what Angel needs help with now. So Angel makes her way to San Francisco and is able to resist going to a brothel. With God’s urging she finds a good job in a café. Sadly her happiness as a cook is short lived as a fire burns down the café where she was working. Angel isn’t sure what she is going to do now for work or food and as she contemplates this she gets an unwanted blast from her past…..Duke.

Back at home Michael is still aching for Angel and what she must be going through. Miriam finally opens Paul’s eyes to her love for him and that she only loves Michael as a brother. Paul thinks he needs to leave to get away from his love for her so that she and Michael can be together. Miriam takes charge of the relationship and finally Paul caves in and confesses his love for her and soon they will be married.

In chapter 30 & 31, Duke takes Angel back to where he thinks she belongs. Angel has a stronger will now than she did as a child and let’s Duke know this is not the life she wants. While at Duke’s brothel Angel has a vivid dream of Jesus coming to her and the emotions from the dream go straight to her heart. Meanwhile Duke is preparing to take Angel back into her old life and she would rather die than be a prostitute again. God speaks to Angel’s spirit again right when she needs him most. He gives her the strength, guidance and help she needs to get away from Duke and help the other young girls in the brothel. This is the part where we meet the stranger Jonathan Axle, he helps Angel and the other girls get away. Jonathan feels God’s urging and responds which brings him to the brothel to help Angel. Angel can’t understand how a stranger would care to help and finds out that he is a Christian himself. I have another question from that goes well with Jonathan Axle as we find out what made him go in the brothel: God used Jonathan Axle, a total stranger, to help set Angel free from her past. Have you ever felt God nudging you to speak to or help someone you didn’t know? How did you know it was God? How did you react?

How does Angel react finding out how nice Jonathan Axle and his family are? I think God is finally reaching her heart as the story unravels to find out how Jonathan came to the brothel.

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