Friday, February 13, 2009


Wow does my heart go out to Angel a/k/a Amanda in chapters 13, 14 & 15. It is so sad that she can’t accept the love Michael has for her and the feelings she has for him. It is amazing how forgiving and sweet Michael is to her after the first time she tries to run away. Most of us would have thrown it in our spouse’s face how right we were and give a big fat, “I told you so.” The dream she has the night before Paul comes home I think is a good description to what is happening to her. Her stone wall is crumbling with the tremendous love of Christ that Michael is sharing with her.

It’s upsetting the way Paul acts when he comes home. But at the same time I can see where most people would be like…. “WHAT you married a prostitute? You’re joking right?” I know that is what my first reaction would be. We have to remember that Paul does not know the whole story like we do so Paul’s reaction is normal especially when he’s not as strong in his faith to trust in God like Michael. After all Michael said to him he still thinks it would be better to help Angel get away. And then what happens on the trip to Pair-a-dice… oh it just makes me so mad at him, how could he do that to his brother. Poor Angel, how sad her self-esteem is that she has to do this to her and Michael. As Angel and Paul get back on their way in the wagon she definitely gets him good with her remarks. But really neither of them won or is better than the other. It’s also important for us (me included) to remember that we aren’t better than them either no matter how mad we may get at someone. Yes it is terrible what is going on but neither you nor I are perfect. Even though it is so easy to cast judgment on Paul and Angel’s actions, it’s still not our job to be the judge. My heart goes out to both of them and the real people in this world that have been in these types of situations.

Poor…..Poor Angel. She’s back in Pair-a-dice with what she thinks is no hope of a future and goes back to her old ways. I hate what she is doing to Michael but she honestly just doesn’t get it and doesn’t know any better. She is so scorned by her past that she can’t believe what Michael offers her is real. The moment Michael comes in the room and rips that man off her you would think that he would hurt both of them. But amazingly he keeps his cool with her, even when she fights him down the road at the wagon. There is so much heartache for Michael and for her and what they are going through at this point in the book. I feel bad for both of them. What do you think of Angel and Michael at this point in the book? What do you think of Paul?

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