Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mixed Emotions

What a read in Chapter 12! So much happens in this chapter between Angel and Michael that it leaves you almost breathless till the end. We are beginning to see even more in this chapter with the voices of good and evil and their impact on our characters. The voice of God is in italics bold and the voice of Satan is in plain bold. I found some criticism about the book where some people do not agree with the way the author portrayed these voices. They believe the two voices were not properly distinguished from one another but I find it pretty obvious which is which. Do you have an opinion on this? I found a question that goes along with this off of “It was clear the characters, especially Michael and Angel, heard both God and Satan speaking to them through the story. Have you ever felt you heard God speaking to you? How about Satan? How can we distinguish between the two voices that call us?”

This imagery comes to my mind that is so often portrayed in cartoons, with the little devil on one side and the little angel on the other, trying to get someone to come to their side. It’s a tug of war and in this chapter Michael and Angel are trying to figure out what to do or not do. Michael battles with his physical emotions for Angel. While Angel battles with her unwanted feelings of affection for Michael. Angel has convinced herself that she needs to go back to get her money and for some reason thinks that the outcome at Pair-a-dice would be so much better than staying with Michael. She is so sure it isn’t possible for him to love her that she is scared and thinks she needs to get away.

I haven’t ever read any romance novels but I thought the author portrayed the last part of the chapter very tastefully. Something beautiful happens between Michael and Angel as they make love for the first time. Sadly Angel can’t understand the love he is trying to give her so she is afraid of it. She is afraid of the emotions she is feeling as he makes love to her and she says his name. She is afraid that being vulnerable will be used against her in the future just like it was in the past. Most times in life we are afraid of the unknown. When we have been so used to a certain way of things and anything new comes along it can be scary at first. That is when we have to learn to have trust and faith in God.

At the end of the chapter I have mixed emotions. I thought Michael was going to wait to show her his love physically but I understand why he finally chose to go ahead. I am glad that Michael was able to be a gentleman the way he went about this. It makes a lot of sense the way he is thinking; because how will she know that love making is more than a job unless he shows her. She doesn't know any other way. On the other hand I feel so sad at the whole situation. I am happy and sad thinking about poor Angel unable to enjoy this beautiful moment with her husband who loves her dearly. She is to busy fighting off emotions coming alive inside of her. Poor Michael who doesn’t have the love coming back to him that he is giving out. What are your thoughts on this part? Do you think the author did a good job showing us both perspectives of Angel and Michael? What did you feel for Angel and Michael at the end of the chapter?

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Jessica said...

Oh come on - he is a man. He went to her several days in a row back at the brothel, only to have her torment and tempt him and he NEVER laid a hand on her. Then rescued her from dying there and laid beside her caressing her, washing her, brushing her and loving her Despite her character flaws and only saw what God wanted him to see. So when they made love for the first time I was emotionally moved. Not only with Michael's patience but with his manner.
He was looking at her through God's eyes and wanted her to feel the same love and emotions he feels. Think about the strenghth he had to have over those long days.To him she is perfect regardless of where she has been or what she has done. Now that is true unconditional love. Michael loves Angel as God loves us.