Friday, February 6, 2009

Open your eyes

In chapters 5 & 6, Angel has decided to try again to get out of the trapped life she is leading in the brothel. First she tries to leave reasonably or so she thinks; so then she comes to the conclusion again that only death will help her escape. A person is in a terrible place inside if they feel that the only escape is being beat to death. She gives in to the darkness. She thinks that Michael Hosea, her last chance, is gone like most men would be and won’t come back again. We see that God is working in Michael’s heart and Michael trying to ignore God’s calling doesn’t work. He decides to go back for Angel right when she needs him most. Have you ever finally decided to answer God’s urging and it was, “right in time”? Did you feel a weight lifted off your chest?

Michael and Angel are married and together at Michael’s cabin in chapters 7 & 8. They are beginning to get to know each other a little more. She feels trapped; like she still has to keep pretending just in a different role. Angel wishes she had never married and for some strange reason wishes it had been any man other than him. She is scared of him; she is scared of everything actually working out okay because she doesn’t think it will last. Even this early in their relationship, I think she is falling in love with him and just doesn’t know how to recognize it. She sadly can’t even believe in something working out with a man because of all the trauma of her life. While Angel is so busy trying to figure out what Michael wants from her she is blind to the fact that everything he wants from her, he tells her. Thankfully Michael has help from God in the patience department.

I think we all act the way she is at times. Sometimes we are so set in our way of thinking that we stop being open to God or others showing us something new. Have you ever been so wrapped up in a thought or way of thinking that you completely miss what is right in front of your face? I’m sure we have all had our moments wanting to scream at someone, “Open up your eyes!” and other times we are the ones being yelled at silently. Do you think sometimes God feels that way about us? He just wants to shout and say, “Open your eyes! I’m right here and I just want to love you and have you love me back!”

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Jessica Smith said...

As I read this part of the book I was amazed at Michaels patience and the obiedience he had to God. To go back to her room day after day and sit there with temptation glowing in his face and absorbing his every move and still stay true to himself and focused on Gods bigger plan, it must be amazing to have the dedication and faith he has. I am not sure I would have listened if God would have told me to go marry a prostitute. Would you?

abookjunkie said...

I wouldn't have either. I would have figured that I just heard wrong or something. Good point Jessica.

Anonymous said...

Ok, Ok! I'm going to read the book! I have told you all, I'm just not much of a reader. But I am hearing soooooo many people say that they could not put this book down. I'll have a copy passed on to me in a day or two. Until then, I am reading Hosea - as in Hosea in the Bible! Now, that is a book - The Book - that I do read! Jody Beth