Monday, February 16, 2009


In chapter 16 Angel and Michael are back home again. Angel doesn’t think that there is anyway he could still love her or forgive her. She tries to “wash” away what she just did to Michael after she finds him in the barn crying. She doesn’t feel worthy to be with him and feels terrible about what she did even though she can’t even say she is sorry. Michael truly has to draw all his strength from God not to say or do anything terrible to her. As he holds her in his arms in the cabin after she has been to the creek, I have such admiration for him. He is so sweet and forgiving.

In chapter 17, Angel thinks she needs to work to pay back Michael for all she did to him. Michael sees how she is working and is not fooled by it. He loves her so tenderly and wishes she could accept what he is offering her. He offers her his love and the Grace of God to accept. But she can't accept this. He decides to take her to Sacramento to get some fabric for clothing at Joseph’s store. Joseph notices the difference in Angel from when he saw her before in pair-a-dice. He acknowledges it’s not a woman in love but something else. I think that the fire of feelings building inside of Angel that she keeps trying to suppress is beginning to show on the outside even if she doesn’t realize it. Have you ever felt like Angel? That you have to hurt yourself or work to earn forgiveness? Christ gives it freely, he already paid the penalty for us on the cross. All we have to do is accept it.

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