Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Relentless Love

In chapter 22 Angel has run away again. After a beautiful night with Michael she is so afraid of turning into her mother she runs. She has not realized that she is not her mother and Michael is not Alex Stafford. She is fortunate that she meets Sam Teal on the road and runs into Joseph’s store. I think it helps give her a little bit of confidence that maybe there is more that she could do besides sell her body. I’m proud of her that she didn’t end up back in a brothel. I’m glad that Joseph’s wife and mother are so nice to Angel. It is definitely something she needs at this time. I have another question from that goes with this chapter: On p. 302, Angel comments that love doesn’t last. And Meribah replies, “Sometimes it does. If it’s the right kind.” What kind of love do you think Meribah was talking about? How can we know this kind of love?

I’m surprised Angel doesn’t figure out sooner that of course Joseph would send for Michael the first chance he gets. Michael arrives just in time before Angel tries to run again. I’m glad that Michael is determined to make her see and realize how much they are both in love with each other. In chapter 23 Michael takes Angel back home. Angel finally seems comfortable and happy with Michael but it is short-lived. Thoughts of Paul are brought back to her and she remembers her feelings that she will never be good enough for Michael. She hears from God and it gives her chills. It makes her nervous because she doesn’t think she is good enough for God to love her. Do you or someone you know have this problem? Do you think you are beyond God’s love? His love has no boundaries; it is endless. Just as Michael is relentless in his love for Angel so is God's love relentless for you. He is always there offering his love to you. Remember that as you continue to read.

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