Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sarah's childhood

What a start to our book in the epilogue! Can you imagine what Sara felt like as a child? Have you ever felt the way Sarah felt as a little girl during the glimpse we are shown of her childhood? I haven’t ever been in the exact situation that is going on in this story but I do connect with some of the emotions that Sarah is feeling from my own childhood. Several of you have already read this part and commented on how much it made you want to just go spend time with your children and love on them. Especially right at the end and she is alone with Duke.... your heart just aches like crazy. Francine Rivers does a great job of telling a story. As I read through I can easily paint a picture in my mind of what’s going on and what Sarah must be going through. I found some discussion questions online at I thought they were better than anything I could come up with and they come with some verses to look up.

1. Why did Angel’s mother stay in a relationship that was damaging to both her and her daughter? What kept her there? Are there beliefs or attitudes that you struggle with, that you know are damaging to yourself or others? Why do you hold on to them? Read Psalm 116:16–17; 118:5; 119:45; 142:7; Romans 6:21–23; and Colossians 1:21–23. What is one step you can take to let go of damaging beliefs or attitudes?

2. The things that happened to little Sarah in the prologue were horrific—and happen all too often in real life. Many, in the face of such things, wonder where God is, why He doesn’t protect His children. Have you ever wondered these things? Where is God when such things happen?

3. Scripture tells us God is all-powerful and all-knowing. It talks about God’s loving kindness, His compassion and mercy, His love of children. It tells us God is love. So why doesn’t He stop terrible things from happening? How do you reconcile God’s character as it’s revealed in Scripture with the fact that horrible things happen to the innocent?

If you have felt the way Sarah did or been in similar situations, I’m sorry. I hope this book helps heal a part of your heart as you read along.

Let me know what you think of the book so far, comment on some of the above questions. I probably won’t be posting quite as much as I did for January’s book and I figure my posting will vary from month to month just depending on what we are reading. If you have something that you have written that you would like me to post for you as an entry, please let me know. I would be glad to do it.

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