Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sacrificial Love

In chapters 24-28 we enjoy reading about Angel’s time getting to know the Altman’s more and spending time with Michael. We also get a little more of a personal look at Paul and it is so sad the way he feels. He misses his wife, he thinks so terribly of Angel and he constantly hurts Miriam’s feelings. He is to wrapped up in his hatred that he misses what is right in front of his face. These chapters definitely make me not like Paul very much but again I have to remember none of us are perfect. If only they would all talk would they realize that Miriam and Michael do not look at each other in a romantic way; this would save so much heartache. Elizabeth asks Angel to help deliver her baby and she agrees. Angel does a great job with the baby and she is glad to help but she is torn inside because she knows she can’t give Michael the children he wants and deserves. We know it is hard for Michael knowing he won’t be able to have children with Angel but he loves her just the same. If only she would understand and believe him.

God speaks to Angel’s spirit throughout these chapters and fills her with confusion. She doesn’t recognize his voice and is scared of it. And what his voice tells her she doesn’t understand. Angel decides she has to leave for Michael to be happy. She plans everything perfectly the night before she leaves. She loves him so much but can’t bear the thought of him not having all he deserves in a wife. She dances for him and he realizes this time what she is doing. God speaks to Michael’s spirit and he realizes he has to let her go this time. As much as he doesn’t want to he has to let her go. Angel thinks that if she would just get out of the picture everything will be better. She doesn’t think about the feelings of the others and that they really do love her and she will be hurting them terribly. Angel still needs to realize that those who love her are sincere and love her just the way she is.

We are left at the end of chapter 28 where Angel has left and basically told Miriam why. This is not what Miriam had in mind at all and is completely crushed by Angel. Paul finally starts to recognize his feelings for Miriam but isn’t smart enough to act on it or realize that what Miriam and Michael have for each other is nothing more than a brother/sister relationship.

We are on the homestretch of the book and another question I found on seems good for what we have learned about Angel in the past chapters: What finally draws Angel to Michael? What is it that finally breaks down the walls she’s put up around her heart? What does that teach us about sacrificial love?

Sometimes we may not understand God’s calling or what he is planning to do but we have to have the faith to trust him. It is very hard for Michael to let her go again and not go after her but he does. He trusts God to do what is right for him and her. The theme of sacrificial love runs through this whole part. Miriam and Michael's sacrificial love for Angel, Angel's sacrificial love for Miriam and Michael, Paul's sacrificial love for Michael & Miriam, Elizabeth's sacrificial love for her newborn child and God's sacrificial love for all. Do you ever have trouble trusting when it’s not something that is easy for you to do? Have you ever had to sacrifice your love to do what is right?

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