Friday, January 30, 2009


Well we did it! We have read our first book! Or at least some of us have….! But that's okay!

Our last chapter is about how we will dwell in the house of our LORD forever. Truly this is the greatest part of the 23rd Psalm. Homesickness for our heavenly home is one bag our God doesn’t mind if we carry around. We have a great reminder that this home here on earth is NOT eternal but only temporary. So release those bags and as one of my favorite Mandisa songs say, “It’s only the world we’re living in.” Remember that as you wake up in the mornings and go about your days carrying around your baggage; all your problems are only the world we’re living in now, not what out true home is about. In the conclusion of the book, I love the way Max sums up the Psalm on page 163, make a copy of it and put it on your fridge. Let it remind you that God gives us everything we need to get through this life to the next and He is there with us following us along. I have to say though that my absolute favorite part of this book is the last paragraph of Chapter 18 on page 157 when Max writes about our homecoming into Heaven.

“By that moment only one bag will remain. Not guilt. It was dropped at Calvary. Not the fear of death. It was left at the grave. The only lingering luggage will be this God-given longing for home. And when you see Him, you’ll set it down. Just as a returning soldier drops his duffel when he sees his wife, you’ll drop your longing when you see your Father. Those you love will shout. Those you know will applaud. But all the noise will cease when He cups your chin and says, “Welcome Home.” And with scarred hand He’ll wipe every tear from your eye. And you will dwell in the house of your LORD – forever.”

If you haven’t read this book because you can't find the time or you have problems getting through self-help books, ignore those thoughts and excuses. I am pleading with you to READ it. It’s an easy read, the chapters are short and it is one you could even put in the bathroom! haha! Yes, self-help books are hard to get through but this is not your normal self help book. Every chapter has its own unique story and message. And this book’s message is something we ALL need to be reminded of at some time in our lives. If you are keeping a copy of this book for yourself I urge you to keep it handy and refer back to it whenever you feel yourself heavy burdened. Then pick up your Bible and look up all the great verses it mentions. Many thanks to Max Lucado for writing such a great book.

I look forward to our very 1st meeting tomorrow. I hope you are as excited as I am and I am equally excited already about our February book. I know you will love it.

Please comment on this post to let people know if you did or didn't like the book and if you would recommend it to others. Thank you to those that are reading the blog and you who have made comments!

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