Monday, January 19, 2009

Get over yourself

“For His name’s sake…” NOT for our name’s sake. This is the 1st of the two main points in this chapter, we are here to be His tools in His work. In chapter 9 of Traveling Light, Max Lucado has made many good references to remind us we are only the tools and that the tools are not who deserve the praise. God knows we are human and we can’t handle the praise so he takes it for us. I think the 2nd important point in this chapter is to remember the ways Max gives us to cultivate humility and kill ungodly pride:

Assess yourself honestly
Don’t take success too seriously
Celebrate the significance of others
Don’t demand your own parking space
Never announce your success before it occurs
Speak Humbly
Live at the foot of the cross.

Max gives us a good description under each of these in this chapter. Take some time and pray over these in your life. Pride is a trap of the devils, may we all learn not to be caught in it. But every now and then we all need to hear someone say, "Get over yourself."

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