Monday, January 19, 2009

God will lead us home

In Chapter 10 of Traveling Light, Max touches on the part of the Psalm most remembered in funeral services. This is a part we would like to go the whole book without talking about but he reminds us that it’s not something you can get away from. We all will die some day. Only God can guide us home. He reminds us, “Don’t deal with death without facing God. Don’t even speak of death without speaking to God.” Max describes the way a Shepherd guides his sheep through the valley of the shadow of death. It is amazing how similar the comparison is for when our good Shepherd will guide us home. And it will be our Shepherd, no one else, he comes himself to guide and comfort us. There is much peace to know that he is with us and always will be. And there is peace in the knowledge that he was with our loved ones that have gone before us, guiding them home. Taken from Max’s words in the study guide; I hope you are reminded of the hope believers can have despite the reminder of death.

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