Thursday, January 29, 2009

My table is wet.

Jealousy. Envy. Both can come into our heart through our thoughts and cause us to rot inside. The more we concentrate on what others have; anger starts to come into our heart. We feel sorry for ourselves because of the stuff we don’t have. We are mad because someone’s husband did this for them and ours didn’t. Or someone’s child accomplished this and mine didn’t. Or someone got the bonus and I really needed it. Can you hear yourself thinking the familiar words? “I wish _______ was more like this.” Or “I wish I had that like _________.” Instead of focusing all that attention on the negative; think about the positive in your life. As Max states in chapter 16, our cup is overflowing with blessings and our tables are wet from it. Just look in the Bible and you will see your cup is overflowing with abounding grace and hope among many other things. I love the story Max gives about the Father and Son with the dirt. “One thing is certain. When the final storm comes and you are safe in your Father’s house, you won’t regret what he didn’t give. You’ll be stunned at what he did.” Take Max’s advice from the back in the study guide and make a list of some things you envy in others and then make a list of what God has given you in abundance. How does your list add up?

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