Tuesday, March 10, 2009


First I must apologize because I know I have been slacking on the blogging. I’m sure you have been so disappointed. Haha! But I am determined to play catch up this week so if all goes well I will have several posts this week! By the way if you missed our March Ewomen night please stay tuned for information on the April meeting!

At the very beginning of Same Kind of Different as Me we are getting to know Denver and Ron’s childhood. I find it very interesting the way Ron and Denver take turns writing chapters showing us their very separate lives as they come together later in the book. This gives us insight into what they were going through at the same time just at separate places and it shows two different worlds. As young as I am it’s hard for me to imagine the way that Denver is growing up. I of course have learned about slavery and the civil rights movement through history books but it’s as if all of that skipped over where Denver was living as if stuck back in time. I wonder how many people know that there were people like Denver that were still around sharecropping when slavery was supposedly over. My heart goes out to Denver when he is just a child and he loses his Big Mama and is shuffled around from home to home. All too often today this is still occurring where children are abandoned by their parents and swapped around between family members. Depending on you will depend on how much you will be shocked by what all happens to Denver as he continues to tell his story. As we read along, may it change our perceptions as we learn to become the hands and feet of Christ and reach out of our sheltered world to the many Denver’s still out there.

I think it is easy to identify with Ron in the embarrassing episodes at school, the alcoholic father and trying to get the “rich” life. This is showing us who shaped the person Ron is when he meets Denver for the first time. Ron grew up the kid that was usually put down and strives to be that person that has the potential to look down on others. You get a good taste of this when he describes going to the airport all fancy and wishing people that used to make fun of him could see him now. It’s easy to have that feeling when others didn’t put faith in you to succeed and now you have, it’s natural for you to want them to see that you proved them wrong. We have to remember we are all human just like Ron and it is so easy to think a lot of ourselves and accomplishments and forget where our blessings really come from. It is neat to see the transformation that Ron makes as we continue to read and learn about his relationships with Denver and Debbie.

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