Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New little feature

I just wanted to make a brief post and let you know about a new little feature I added to the blog in case you are interested. You can look down the right hand side of the blog and see the part titled, "What Amber's reading other than the monthly selection!" You will see a picture and the title of the book. Sometimes people are looking for something else to read if they finish the month's selection and ask what I am reading. So now you will know! If you want to know how a book is going or my opinion on one just e-mail me, abookjunkie@gmail.com and I will let you know. Beware.... you may get more of a critique than you want... haha!

To comment on this post click on "comments" Type in your comment then where it has the drop down box click on "Name/URL" Type in your name, you do not have to have a URL. Then you can preview and post your comment.

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