Thursday, March 12, 2009


As we continue to read we learn about Ron and Denver as they finish childhood and become adults. We read more about tragic things that happen to Denver such as the horse incident but also good things like the little white boy and the bike. It is no wonder that when Denver hopped that train to get away from the plantation he began to develop a hardness that kept others out. As Denver describes the type of poor he was and what happens to him it gives me chills. How sad for people that they don’t even have a clue that life could be better. And what is even worse is that there are so many people still like this and worse today and they still need to hear the good news.

In the reader’s guide in the book there are some questions that face the prejudice we are learning about in the first part of the book:

1) What are some modern examples of prejudice? Other than racial prejudice, what other kinds of prejudice are common today?
2) What are three things you can do to combat your personal prejudices?
3) What does being prejudiced say about your personal self-esteem?
4) Read Micah 6:8. What does this verse say about the attitude we should have toward other people?

So after reading through these my question to you is do you still experience or know someone who does experience prejudice, either by race, religion, age, etc.? Do you think as followers of Jesus any kind of prejudice is okay? I don’t. The greatest commandment is to Love God and Love others as ourselves and there is no room for prejudices. At this stage in the book this is not the end of what we see of prejudice but now we have some things to think about as we read on.

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