Thursday, March 12, 2009


Ron tells us about college, the army, Deborah and the changes he makes in his life becoming an adult. I don’t know about you but just from what I read so far about her, I like Deborah. I like the way she tells Ron how it is (like the time with the Rolls Royce). Ron tells us how they were just average Sunday church goers until they met some people at a discussion group and learned that they were wrong. How often do you think people miss the point of church and think that all you need to do is be “good” and sit in the pews on Sunday? Sadly it is very common. I know because growing up I used to be one of them. Do you think there is some prejudice in Ron and Deborah when they first meet the people of the discussion group who question them being saved?

Ron is very open with us and tells us about what was going on with Deborah and his marriage. I pray that more couples can do what Ron and Deborah did after his fling with the artist and keep moving on. But I know no one is perfect and not everyone can do what they did and sometimes it’s for the better, I just admire it. Deborah amazed me at the grace she had dealing with that girl, (after she threw stuff at Ron which every practical wife would do). Not only did Deborah release the girl with forgiveness but she also released herself. When you forgive someone you are not only lifting a burden of someone else’s but you are setting yourself free too. We see lots of changes in all the characters throughout the book. We all have to make changes and adapt to life to keep moving forward and grow in our relationship with Christ.

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Christy and Gregory said...

Do you ever get a comment on here? I tried to post some thoughts earlier, but couldn't get my thoughts together at work...anyway..
I agree with you on all accounts here. I love the Deborah just knows that there is more to life than "things". I know so many people,(including me sometimes) that get so caught up in having THINGS. That's the way our world is today and why so many people have lost their homes,or are in financial trouble because they focus on what is showing rather than what the foundation is built upon. I've read the whole book, and let me tell you, you will get to LOVE Deborah for who she is and what she stands for.

I laughed at Ron and Deborah and their friends during the bible study groups because, although it was effective for them, the idea of separating a group to "saved" and "unsaved" just by appearances is prejudiced to me. I think that a lot of Christians get it wrong when it comes to witnessing to others. I think that scare tactics are not the best way to witness. I think that you need to set an example.. (the marriage builders bible study comes to mind) and let your life do the rest of the witnessing. The example of the guy with the fish sticker on his car flipping birds was true. And how about the guy Gregory encountered at the store last week that had obviuosly just came from church, but was unbelieveably rude to the cashier? We need to have, strike that, TRY to have "church" all day, every day with our actions.

abookjunkie said...

Haha Yes, I do get comments sometimes. I have already read the book before we read it officially so during the month I am going back through and reading it again and blogging about it but sometimes people just don't have time to get on or they haven't read that far, etc.

I also feel the same way about what you said. Even though we are all guilty of it at some point we have to remember that we are witnessing ALL the time to people not just some of the time. And I thought the division in Saved/unasved was rather silly too. Thanks for commenting Christy!