Monday, March 2, 2009

February Meeting Recap/March Reading Guide

We had a great February meeting with 17 people! We had a lot of people read the book this month and everyone I have talked to really enjoyed it. But not everyone could make it to the meeting. I was afraid we would have less than January because a lot of people couldn’t come, but really we had more. We had lots of great discussion. All month long I had heard how much people loved the book from beginning to end, so it was neat to hear some perspective from people who didn’t like the book until the end and then they loved it too. Newcomer Sandy Plugge won our raffle copy of the March book, Congratulations Sandy! Thank you to Jessica Smith and Bridgit Gosa who contributed to our door prizes. If you would like to donate something in the future please do so and let me know! We missed you if you couldn’t make it to the meeting but are so glad you are reading along with us. Hopefully you can make it to our next meeting. Don’t forget to post what you thought of the book on the blog. I am going to remove the polls because I didn’t get much response and maybe bring them back at a later date when the blog is up and running better.

Now it is time to start our next book, Same kind of different as me by Ron Hall and Denver Moore. The book has approximately 245 pages. It has 67 chapters, a reader’s guide, an interview with the authors and there are pictures in the back of the book that help tell the story. If you would like to pace yourself through the month, a good guide is as follows:

Week 1=Chapters 1 - 17
Week 2=Chapters 18 - 34
Week 3=Chapters 35 - 51
Week 4=Chapters 52 – 67, interview with Authors

I hope you enjoy this month’s selection and I look forward to reading along with you and seeing you at our next meeting. Please invite your friends and family to come and read along with us, the more the better! Happy Reading!

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Christy and Gregory said...

Hey Amber! I totally fell down on the book club in January and Feb..BUT I just bought the new book yesterday and have started reading it. I love this kind of book especially. Thanks for all you do!

abookjunkie said...

That's K! If you haven't read Redeeming Love you really should go back and read it! You will LOVE it, I haven't met anyone who doesn't. :)

Keith said...

I read "Same Kind of Different" while Lisa was in her continuing ed classes this week. Wonderful book. Lots to say about prejudice, love, commitment, friendship, marriage, faith and on and on.

Pastor Keith