Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A few thoughts

In the last post I commented on some of my favorite words of wisdom we have learned from Denver thus far in the book. Well as we continue to read I want to pull out some more gems that we learn from Denver as well as Debbie.

As we find out Debbie’s diagnosis, tears come to my eyes even this second time reading it. (remember I am a crier!) Because of the way Ron and Denver write, it just seems personal. It’s like I know her and I am sad for what is going on. As we get Denver’s take on when he first hears the news we see him giving us some wisdom yet again. In chapter 30 he talks about Debbie’s love for the homeless, “The perfect love of God don’t come with no conditions, and that’s the kind of love Miss Debbie showed the folks at the mission.” This is the kind of love God calls us to give all the time. Debbie gave this love to the homeless so now they pray for her as a way to give that love back. Be honest with yourself and think about if you are giving this type of love all the time. Its part of the greatest commandment of all that Jesus gave us; Love your neighbor as yourself and the love the LORD with all your heart.

Reading about the devotion to prayer that Denver has when Debbie is sick is amazing and makes my eyes well up again. I never would have thought about what Denver is doing, “She had a lot of friends that would be praying for her all day. But he figured she needed someone to pray all night, and he would be the one to do it.” You hear the saying, “People praying 24/7.” But I guess when you hear or read about someone that REALLY did it or does it…. it’s just amazing.

I love the part when Debbie puts Ron in his place as he is worrying about Denver and his trip to take Regan her stuff. The answer she gives Ron is such a “duh!” moment; “Well, why don’t you stop worrying and let’s start praying for Denver’s safety?” How often do we miss the big picture and worry and fret over things when really we should stop what we are doing and pray? I know I am guilty of it.

And for the last thought I want to mention Denver and his friend Mr. Ballentine. We learn about Mr. Ballentine through Ron and Denver’s descriptions. How many times have we been like Ron and thought we were doing soooo good and God uses something or someone to knock us back in perspective, "bring us off our high horse"? I love what Denver tells Mr. Scott when he comes to visit Mr. Ballentine and offers to bless him but he wants to pick and choose how he blesses him. “You asked the man how you could bless him, and he told you he wanted two things – cigarettes and Ensure. Now you trying to judge him instead of blessin him by blessin him with only half the things he asked for. You saw the man. Now tell me the truth: How much worse you think he gon’ be after smoking? Cigarettes it he only pleasure he got left.” Now you and I know that what Denver is saying might not apply to all situations. But he definitely gets to the point and core of how we judge people so often. It goes back to the post I did about the Homelessness; We say we want to give but then we worry about what will happen to what we give. It’s not our job to judge someone for how they use their blessings. Now you may not agree with me and questioning what I am saying but remember my disclaimer… Every situation is unique so what Denver is saying may not apply to everything. But the heart of what Denver is saying about not judging people is the truth.

I hope you are enjoying the book or did enjoy it if you are already done. I am getting lots of great feedback by word of mouth. We are in the home stretch till our next book....I’m excited!

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Christy and Gregory said...

The part of the book that you are referring to is the part that really pulled me in. I had been reading it just a little bit at a time, but then I got to this part and just couldnt.put.it.down. I sat on the couch on a rainy Saturday, crying my eyes out until I had read the whole thing. The story is soo personal and I felt like I knew Debbie as she was going through this.

I remember my feelings as I was reading Ron's account of when he found out about Denver praying all night...at first the hurt that he felt at night seeing Denver there...then the opening of his heart when he was told about Denver's prayer vigil. I could just feel the emotions that he must of felt at that time too. I identify with Ron here in that I tend to immediately expect the worst... I don't expect that people will do something so..heartfelt..just for me. Denver spoke volumes in that little bit of action.

I think one of the things that moved me most in this book is the overwhelming sense of the Holy Spirit. I struggle every day to draw myself closer to God. There are times that I don't feel Him - only because I know that I don't allow myself to. I've never been one to just "let go" and let God speak to me. Denver and Debbie both open themselves up to God and ALLOW Him to speak to them. They believe with all of their hearts that God is real and God is still among us today, not just some being up in the sky. They make God personal. I definitely know that I put God more on the Father Figure shelf than friend shelf. I run to Him in times of need. By telling their story, Ron, Denver, and Debbie encouraged me to seek out a more personal and real relationship with God...to let myself allow Him to work through me...