Monday, March 23, 2009

Words of Wisdom

I’m sorry to my faithful readers if you are out there. Sorry for my slacking. Thank you for your forgiviness! But anyways could we write a book on words of wisdom by Denver Moore or what? As I read through the book so many things come up that he says that are so thought provoking and wise. First off the part about the fishing for friends that I already mentioned in a previous post is so true. I love Denver’s heart and the way he defends “the man” and what was done to him as he grew up. Humor me for a moment as I list a couple of my favorite Denver quotes thus far in the book (before we find out the news about Debbie).

1) “Are you sure you own them, or does they own you?” Here Denver is referring to all the keys on Ron’s key chain. How right is Denver in relating to our “stuff?” Does our stuff own us or do we own it? I love his view of all the fancy art and the sushi aka “bait”. It defiantly helps you bring things back down a little in perspective.
2) “When you is precious to God, you become important to Satan.” This is the part of the statement he uses after he finishes the retreat with Debbie. He warns Ron to watch out because something bad is going to happen to Debbie soon, which it does. But whether you believe this kind of thinking or not I believe in a way it is true. It doesn’t necessarily mean something bad is about to happen to you. But it is true in the sense that when you become important to God you become important to satan and he will do everything he can to try to pull you away from God. When you are not close to God, well then satan is done good he doesn’t have to work so hard. It’s like smooth sailing for him because you are already doing exactly what he wants you to do. But if you are close to God well that isn’t what satan wants, so he starts working overtime. And it is up to you how you deal with this when it happens.

Now for one more piece of wisdom that we have learned thus far that we can all take away and practice. It’s not from Denver but another homeless gentleman described in Chapter 26. He was happy even in his awful condition because he woke up. Ron mentions that Debbie and he began to practice that kind of thankfulness every morning they woke up. I think this is something we could all use and remember to do. The first thing we can do is praise God that we woke up.

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Christy and Gregory said...

I love that you brought these up!! These were some of my favorite ones too. I don't have the book right here to look for more of my favorites, but I think the keys is SO absolutely true. We do let the "things" that we own come to own us, don't we? In fact, it might not even be things, but responsibilites and duties... I think that even some things that we can think of as "good" can become a key in our key ring...leading bible studies, volunteering to help this friend do this and that friend do that, planning parties, teaching a class, etc. I guess when you have all that time to yourself, you get to really think about these kinds of things!

I found myself using the "I woke up!!" phrase just the other day! I hate to wake up early in the mornings..I can be sluggish and slow and quite grumpy. Sometimes, I think..oh yay, another day (ho hum..blah..blah).... when actually I should be saying YAY!! ANOTHER DAY!! ANOTHER DAY TO SEE GOD'S BEAUTY HERE AND TO LOVE MY FRIENDS AND BE WITH MY HUSBAND!! AnOTHER DAY TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE! I WOKE UP!

abookjunkie said...

How right you are! It can be the things that we do that own us as well... we (me included) definitly need to learn to say, Nooooooo. Another good book that has a neat thing to do when you get up is in The Ultimate Gift by Jim Stovall. After your praise God for waking up prayer, you think of ten things that you are thankful or ten ways you are blessed. I can't remember exactly but it's a great book. There is also a movie. Thanks for commenting!